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Test your hormone levels without the hassle


Blood Tests

Blood tests are an important part of your treatment plan. There are three ways you can get your blood tests done:

  1. Your doctor – if your doctor will do the blood tests for you on the NHS or your public health system, you can provide us with a copy of the results.
  2. Private service – if your doctor can’t do them for you then a local private hospital may be able to help.
  3. Home Testing Kit – we can arrange for you to have a home testing kit sent to you. This can either be done using a finger prick test or by a phlebotomist near you, or at our laboratory in London.
Full Health Check

Blood tests are an essential part of your treatment – to make sure you are fit and healthy and that hormones will be safe for you.

The full health check tests are needed at the start for people over the age of 60 or who have existing health issues and once a year for everybody receiving treatment. These are the tests you need to have yearly:

  • Full blood count (FBC)
  • Liver (LFT)
  • Kidney (U&E)
  • Diabetes (HbA1C)
  • Lipids (Lipids)

If your doctor is doing the tests then these are the tests that you will need to ask your doctor to do for you. This form will be emailed to you after you have completed it so you can show your doctor.

Three-Monthly Check

Every three months it is good to check your hormone levels (testosterone and oestrogen) and you may require other specific tests if you are taking any of the medicines taken as shown below. We ask everyone to have their blood pressure checked and this is mandatory if you are receiving certain medications, such as spironolactone.

After some time, your hormones will stabilise and we can reduce the frequency of hormone checks.

Unable to get Bloods Done

We understand that some people are unable to get their blood tests done. If this is the case for you please ask and explain your situation and we can see what we can do to continue your treatment but keep you safe.