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I would like to book to talk to someone

Our gender specialists can help you talk through how GenderGP works and what we can offer and what you need.

Support for yourself or someone else

If you would like to talk through things, thoughts, feelings, wishes, fears, desires, needs, worries – then our team can help you with anything.

Support and Advice for Family/Friends

Sometimes it’s really useful to chat through how you are feeling if someone close to you is gender-diverse. You are important too!

Private support from Marianne

Marianne is our head of therapy. A trans woman herself and a huge support to anyone who is trans or who is supporting someone who is.

Book a counselling session

If things have really got on top of you and you want to spend some time unpicking what you are feeling and what it means for you and your future, then all of our counsellors are specially trained in gender issues.

Consultation with the Doctor

If you have a medical query about your health, your hormones, your transition then book with our gender-specialist doctor to discuss.

Help for my child

Whether your child is 3 or 33, you still want the best for them. Parenting a young person who is trans or questioning their gender is full of challenges. We can help 🙂

Talk to the Team

If you have a question about your case or how we work, and want to talk to someone in person, you can book a slot here.

Nearly ready to medical transition, but not quite sure?

If you want to talk to one of our skilled gender therapists and mop up those last few queries, and also find out how we can help, then book one of our Discovery Sessions.

Pathway Follow-Up Session

Book a routine follow-up to see how things are going and to discuss the journey ahead.