Streamlining the way GenderGP can help you

GenderGP has always been at the forefront of trans healthcare. We have been flying the flag and fiercely advocating for the rights of trans and gender diverse people, of all ages, from day one.

In response to recent changes in demand for our services, we are delighted to unveil our newly refreshed, redesigned and reinvigorated GenderGP Appraisal Pathway.


Putting you in charge of your gender journey

Historically, we have taken people through the process step by step, but consistent feedback has suggested that not all of those wishing to use our service require this level of hand-holding.

If you are confident in what you need and you would like to start your medical transition, or even press pause on your hormones to provide time and space to think, our entire Pathway can now be navigated using our new forms

If you prefer a greater level of involvement, and would like to talk things through with someone and be led all the way, our team is on hand to help.


Affordable private healthcare

Through the use of telemedicine and the informed consent model, we continue to empower our users, enabling them to access the help and support they need remotely, to live their lives more easily.

In addition to introducing alternative measures to enable our service users – and anyone who needs our care – to continue their treatment uninterrupted, we have brought on new team members and introduced a triage system, to enable you to dictate how urgent your need is.

Furthermore, for a limited period, to help navigate the financial challenges brought about by COVID-19, we have reduced our set-up fee to £95. We believe that private healthcare should be affordable and that everyone who wishes to, should be able to realise their true gender within a time-frame that works for them.


Get the care you need today


Visit the GenderGP Help Centre to see how we can help you.

*Update as at August 2020: Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, please be aware our fees have reverted back to the original £195*