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Today (27.09.21) we heard Counsel for the GMC cross-examining Dr Paterski. As part of the cross examination the views of this influential regulator, which have been informed by clinicians in the UK and Europe, are becoming clearer. With this clarity comes greater understanding of how we in the UK have fallen so behind with the provision of gender-affirming medical care.


The GMC has brought this case against Dr Webberley, accusing her of:

  • failing to assess patients thoroughly enough
  • failing to undertake sufficient sessions as part of the assessment process
  • failing to involve enough professionals as part of a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), in order to approve treatment

The experts who have advised the GMC have raised concerns about:

  • the length of assessments undertaken by Dr Webberley
  • allowing young people to determine their own gender
  • providing medicines instead of psychotherapy
  • Dr Webberley making medical decisions herself and not as part of a large MDT

Dr Webberley’s position has been clear:

  • Trans people should be believed – whatever their age
  • Young trans people should be affirmed in their gender, if that is what is right for them
  • Only the individual in question knows how they feel
  • It is not up to a medical practitioner to decide anyone’s gender
  • As long as they are supported and Gillick Competent, young trans people can make their own decisions

The question to be determined by the MPTS is who is right?

  • Who is the best person to confirm a person’s gender identity?
  • Over what period of time should someone be assessed before a doctor can prescribe blockers or hormones?
  • How many people should be part of the assessment process that a person undergoes to be able to access medication?
  • What is the role of the MDT in the care of trans patients?


As an organisation which has been actively involved in listening to the community for six years, from the thousands of patients who have told us about their feelings in relation to their gender, to the thousands of trans people who share their thoughts and experiences online – we have learned from the trans community and our approach at GenderGP is clear:

  1. We believe you.
  2. If you tell us that your gender identity differs to the sex that you were assigned at birth, we will help you to understand what that means to you and to navigate it in any way you wish.
  3. We put you in charge of your gender journey, only you know what help you need.
  4. We enable you to safely transition in the way that is right for you.
  5. We feel that medics should have the same approach to trans healthcare as they do for any other other medical intervention for any other patient population.
  6. We call for regulators and decision-makers to ensure equality in healthcare and the protection of Human Rights.


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