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How to use our services

You can use our services collaboratively or independently. This page will tell you more about how we work.

How does GenderGP work?

GenderGP is an online health and wellbeing service, which provides advice and support to members of the trans community.


Our vision is to provide low-cost, timely, accessible private healthcare – for everyone – wherever they are, whoever they are and however old they are. We do this by using telemedicine to enable people to access our services from the comfort and safety of their own home. The service has grown organically over the years into an international organisation that helps people from all over the world. As well as our work supporting the health and wellbeing needs of the trans community, we are dedicated to improving access to education and healthcare through our advocacy and campaigning work.

Working with other healthcare providers

We are very happy to work with your healthcare provider in any way we can. Support for trans people however, is inconsistent, and while some professionals are very willing to collaborate, others are less so. Our services also operate independently of your doctor, if that is your preferred route.

The GMC, BMA and CQC all have very clear guidance which states that trans people should not be discriminated against if they access private care. For more information, click here.

If you are in the UK or the EU, you can use our private prescription service. For those outside of the EU, we will carry out any necessary assessments and you will be issued with a Treatment Summary which guides your provider so that they can do blood testing and issue any prescriptions, under our direct supervision.

We will make all the decisions relating to medication and blood results, to keep you safe.

The GenderGP Appraisal Pathway

This is how you access your care. The Pathway, which has been designed by GenderGP, is a collaborative process.

You provide us with information about yourself, your health and your feelings in relation to your gender. Our team of experts then provides insight and expertise from a medical and wellbeing perspective. The process enables us to come to a joint agreement on the safest treatment plan for you, while putting you in charge of your gender journey.

How much does it cost to use GenderGP?

All initial advice is free, so please don’t hesitate to ask us questions and pick our brains.

However, if you want to access personalised healthcare to meet your individual needs, GenderGP is a paid-for service.

There are six costs associated with using GenderGP as your sole medical provider.

These are as follows


1. Set-up fee £195 – admin charge to set you up as a service user *
2. Subscription £30 a month – includes unlimited access to written medical advice, blood test result analysis and private prescriptions, according to need.
3. Consultations £65 – Information Gathering Session with one of the specialists
4. Blood Tests £50 per test, as needed (if these are unavailable via your medical practitioner)
5. Medication

£ varies depending on individual needs. Medication is only payable if your doctor won’t prescribe under our supervision, but as an indication:

Hormones – from around £10 per month
Anti-androgens – around £10 per month.
Puberty blocking injections – around £100 per month.
Puberty blocking nasal spray – around £60 per month.

6. Letters £ varies. Most letters and reports are included with your GenderGP subscription. However, some services such as referrals for surgery, incur an additional fee.


At GenderGP we are always looking for ways to help make private healthcare more affordable and accessible, while you wait for public health services. In response to your suggestions, we have introduced a split payment plan, allowing you to pay your set-up fee in instalments.

When you use our self-service Appraisal Pathway form, you can choose to pay the fee in one go, or by instalments. You can complete the medical, psychological and personal questionnaires, arrange any necessary blood tests, and have your Information Gathering Session while the instalments are being settled. As soon as full payment has been received, your case will be put forward to the medical team for Final Review. Once this stage is complete, you can start your medical transition.


In cases where your healthcare provider is happy to collaborate, costs for medication and blood tests will not be payable by you.

For more information about fees, please visit our fees page.