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Fundraising for trans healthcare has found a new home thanks to the likes of @Hbombrguy who raised a staggering $340,000 for Mermaids in 2019 and @theymerSophie whose livestream on Twitch late in 2020 raised a phenomenal £50,000 towards the GenderGP Fund – an amount that was matched by GenderGP in in-kind donations. Inspired by these incredible fundraising feats, Twitch streamer Ed Sweet, is holding his own live stream to raise funds for trans youth over the weekend of February 20th and 21st.

In this episode of the GenderGP Podcast, Ed joins Dr Helen and two other gamers, Dr Helen’s own son, Jack, and Rhy, one of GenderGP’s Pathway Advisors. Together they discuss the forthcoming stream “Mario Kart for Hope’’, how vital fundraising is for trans youth in the UK right now, and why Twitch is the perfect fundraising platform for this community.

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How gaming became a lifeline for trans youth