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How will I get my medication?

Your questions answered. We will be updating this page regularly so please check back in.

Following negative media attention impacting the way in which medication is dispensed to our patients we wanted to provide an update and answer some questions. We will continue to keep this updated as more information comes in.

Why can’t Clear Chemist dispense my medication as they normally do?

Clear Chemist is under scrutiny for its work dispensing medication to trans patients and as a result it having to review its processes. https://www.gendergp.com/uk-media-continues-its-sustained-attack-on-services-supporting-trans-people/

Can I still use Clear Chemist?

Clear Chemist is working tirelessly to ensure the trans community is able to receive much needed medication within the scope of what is permitted by the regulator. The full details of this are still being worked out and we will update you as soon as we have more information.

When is this coming into effect?

We were informed yesterday (07.10.20) that changes would be effective immediately.

But I thought Clear Chemist was stopping prescribing for trans people altogether?

Clear Chemist is a staunch LGBT ally and following discussions they have clarified that they will continue to support our patients but subject to certain conditions. We are waiting on the final details and these will be shared as soon as we receive them.

I am waiting for my prescription, what should I do now?

For the time being please visit our Help Centre and request a new prescription.


What are my current options for dispensing prescriptions?

We will keep the options updated here: https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/pharmacy-options/


What is a Treatment Summary?

This is a document which we email to your GP (or email to you to give to your GP) which explains your medical needs and outlines the medication and blood tests that you need. Many GPs are very happy to help, some are less so due to a lack of clear UK guidance on the treatment of transgender patients.

I have tried to access care through my GP with a treatment summary in the past but they refuse to help. Is there anything I do to encourage them to help me?

Unfortunately, some GPs will help and some won’t. We are happy to answer any questions from your GP, but this is a very politicised arena at this point in time.


What is a paper prescription?

This is literally a piece of paper, just like an NHS prescription, except this is known as a ‘private prescription’. This can be taken to any pharmacy – online or a shop, and the chemist can then dispense the medication for you. Because it is a private prescription, rather than an NHS prescription, the NHS dispensing fee does not apply, you simply have to purchase the medication at cost price.

Can you tell me how quickly we will receive the paper prescription?

Your paper prescription will be sent via the post. We normally use International Track and Sign which takes 3 – 5 days. We also supply tracking numbers.

How do I use a paper prescription with an Online Pharmacy?

You can use the paper prescription with any online pharmacy. You visit the website and choose the medication EXACTLY as prescribed. Then you can send them the prescription in the post.

Do pharmacies have to process my paper prescription?

The situation is the same for online or bricks and mortar pharmacies. As with any prescription issued by a prescriber, it is at the discretion of the pharmacist whether or not they will dispense the medication. They are at liberty to carry out any checks on your identity and the identity of the prescriber. If any pharmacist wishes to contact us for further details or clarification, they can do so directly from our website Help Centre.

I handed over my paper prescription, but the pharmacy refused to dispense my medication and now I can’t get it back. What can I do?

Not a problem at all. just request another prescription via our Help Centre.

Does GenderGP have a list of online pharmacies that will honour prescriptions issued by its GPs?

We are working hard on creating this resource and will keep you updated as soon as it is available.


I am due a new prescription in 10 days, do I need to submit my blood results earlier, to allow enough time for a paper prescription to be processed?

You can send your blood results early, by all means. Paper prescriptions do not take any longer to be issued, but you will have to allow time for delivery.

I am really worried about how this will affect my access to hormones

We are acutely aware of the distress that this will cause to our service users. We want to reassure you that the continuity of care to all patients, regardless of age, gender or level of support from their GP, is our number one priority. We have identified a number of additional partner pharmacies with whom we are currently negotiating. We will let you know as soon as this is in place.