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GenderGP has been overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of thousands of gamers, led by the inimitable @TheymerSophie, who donated their time, money and enthusiasm to the “Hades stream for Hope” to raise in excess of £50k towards the treatment of trans youth.



The livestream event which ran from December 19th – 21st saw @TheymerSophie playing Hades on Twitch stream to raise money for trans kids in the UK seeking healthcare support. It was set up to support those impacted by the devastating legal ruling earlier in the month in the Bell v Tavistock case.


We prescribe puberty blockers to young people – if that’s what they need


Dr Helen Webberley, founder of GenderGP joined other amazing guests including @JimSterling and @caseyexplosion as well as some wonderful members of the trans and non-binary community, to talk about access to care for trans kids in the UK and what GenderGP was doing about it.

GenderGP was so overwhelmed by the dedication of all those involved that it pledged to match whatever was raised by the livestream with in-kind donations, which equates to time, effort and fees – making the available pot worth an incredible £100k!

Following the legal ruling, which had an immediate impact on those awaiting prescription for puberty blockers from the Tavistock and Portman Trust – the only NHS gender clinic treating under 18’s in the UK, GenderGP immediately launched its Fund, to provide access to services to families seeking healthcare support for their youngsters, who might otherwise not be able to afford it.

The Fund caught the attention of @TheymerSophie, who ran the livestream to raise money for the GenderGP Fund so that we might help trans kids throughout the UK who have been left stranded.


Hades Stream For Hope - Livestream for trans kids healthcare - TheymerSophie


Here’s the trailer for the livestream


As the livestream finished the total raised sat at an incredible £51,335.00!



Watch the Livestream here: https://m.twitch.tv/theymersophie

You can donate to the Livestream here: https://streamlabs.com/theymersophie/tip

Follow @theymersophie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theymersophie/status/1338609696702337028?s=21

Watch a highlight from the livestream with @theymersophie here.