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Transgender and non-binary people in and around Wolverhampton City will have a new safe space to meet and access free clothing, from next month (28th March 2020), thanks to new initiative: TNB Connect.

The project, which will be held once a month, is the brainchild of Nate Watson, GenderGP community member and musician, in partnership with Wolverhampton LGBT+ Alliance and Inspiring Healthy Choices.

TNB Connect, a non-profit project, was conceived with the aim of reducing both the financial pressures, as well as the social pressures, that come with accessing a new wardrobe when you are transitioning.

Founder Nate Watson explained the inspiration behind the project: “After finishing university and starting my transition, I became acutely aware of the pressure that comes with buying clothes whilst using HRT. Your wardrobe no longer fits, you want to try out new looks but shopping is really uncomfortable. You feel so self conscious, not to mention the associated costs that come with finding a new look which matches outwardly, the way you feel inwardly.


I knew I couldn’t be alone in these struggles so set about researching the topic. After months of research, I met with Wolverhampton LGBT Alliance and told them what I wanted to achieve: a safe space for those transitioning to try on, and keep, clothes, as well as meeting other people in the same position and hopefully feel empowered by the experience.

Wolverhampton LGBT Alliance were really supportive and generously provided funding for start-up equipment needed for the project, as well as a safe space for people to meet. The project will run for 12 months via Paycare in Wolverhampton, who have also kindly provided much needed funding.

We’ve had an incredible response so far with a huge amount of clothing already being donated to the cause. I’m really privileged and excited to be able to help so many people with this initiative.


The scheme is open to anyone who identifies as trans, non-binary or gender questioning and is medically or socially transitioning.

To attend the launch on 28th March 2020, click here.

If you would like to volunteer or donate contact: tnb_connect@outlook.com

There is also a crowdfunder set up here.

Instagram: @tnb_connect_uk
Facebook: TNB_Connect


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