Internal Protocol.

Safeguarding protocol GenderGP

Last updated 15.12.20


Safeguarding means looking after everyone and anyone. If ever you feel that someone young or old might be at risk of harm from themselves or others then please make it known.


In the event of a client/patient safeguarding concern, all team members are required to escalate the concern to the safeguarding team, as highlighted below.


Guidance Notes

This must be done in three ways


STEP 1: Submit the safeguarding details on Create a – Highlight / Complaint / Safeguarding form.

  • Navigate to the Create a – Highlight / Complaint / Safeguarding form
  • Choose ‘Safeguarding Concern’ from the ‘What would you like to report?’ dropdown
  • Enter all the related information in the fields provided
  • Attach any supporting documentation
  • Submit the form

The form will be reviewed by a member of Senior Management.


STEP 2: Add a task in BaseCamp here

  • Patient Safeguarding List/Regular Contact – Patient Services – Whole Team
  • Assign to safeguarding team
  • Due date to the day of submitting

Please put what the issue is in the title of the task –

  • Safeguarding concern – urgent
  • Safeguarding concern – depression
  • Safeguarding concern – suicide


STEP 3: Senior Team will decide on action and close the task

Examples of Safeguarding concerns

Safeguarding concerns can include:

  • Evidence of current self-harm
  • Evidence of suicide risk
  • Evidence of abuse

Note: these are examples and do not represent an exhaustive list. If ever unsure that something is a safeguarding issue, please follow the advice and complete the form.