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GenderGP Welcomes Advice and Clarification From The Cass Review to the NHS Interim Service Specifications cover

Exceptional talent is always welcome here at GenderGP

We are looking for self-assured individuals who value their independence and flexibility and embrace the risks that come with it. We are looking for people that believe that real job security comes from employability, coming from their own drive for continuous professional development. 

With this in mind, we offer ‘contract for service’ contracts, paid per hour. These contracts vary in structured hours from part time to full time, based on the needs of the business. Contractors are in full control of their own legal, tax, and professional compliance.

Here’s why GenderGP is a great place to work:

At GenderGP, we believe that work should be more than just a job; it should be an experience that enriches your life and allows you to make a meaningful impact. We’re not just another healthtech company; we’re a community driven by a shared mission to empower individuals on their gender journey. 

Remote Work, Real Connection

Embrace the freedom of remote work while staying deeply connected to our global team. We’ve created a virtual environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie. No matter where you are, you’re always a part of the GenderGP family.

Contractor Plus Model

We value your skills and expertise, and we want to make sure you’re compensated fairly. Our Contractor Plus model offers competitive compensation and benefits, recognising the contributions of our talented team members.

A Mission That Matters

At GenderGP, our mission is more than just a statement; it’s a daily commitment to improving lives. We’re here to make sure that every contractor enjoys waking up for work, knowing they are contributing to something truly meaningful. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of individuals navigating their gender journey.

Come join us at GenderGP, where we’re not just changing lives; we’re changing the world—one step at a time.

Our Talent Philosophy

A Talent Philosophy provides the foundation for talent management success. Our executive team has aligned around a common definition of what “Talent” is. It clarifies to our contractors how to succeed. It provides a “true north” around which we design our People practices. Our Talent Philosophy is made up of five elements: 


We believe in strong, sustained performance from all; we hold critical roles to a higher performance standard. Those showing lower performance may result in feedback, development opportunities, or separation from the company.

 Rewards & Recognition

Our company resources, rewards and recognition are allocated based on performance and potential, with high performers, and high-potential, individuals receiving investment, growth opportunities, and rewards.


Our leaders are accountable for building the depth and quality of their team, setting expectations, providing feedback, identifying development opportunities, and recognizing exceptional performance.


We believe that positive growth mindset behaviours matter from the start. We care about them especially when they impact team dynamics, collaboration, and performance.


We share meaningful information with our team members about how far and how fast they can advance in our organisation.

What we offer

Benefits of our Contractor+ & Leader+ approach at GenderGP

Work from Anywhere

You are able to work from anywhere in the world! Certain roles require people to be in defined timezones, to be available to our members at times that suit them

Wellness Days

Take paid days off specifically for personal well-being.

Retention of High Performers

Contractors showcasing superior performance are retained and considered for new opportunities.

Skill Growth

Benefit from learning opportunities.

Social Impact

Making a difference within transgender healthcare.

Team Support

Team working and support in a specialised care environment.


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We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent across our divisions. If you cannot find a role that matches your skills and passion, but want to be considered nonetheless, simply click the “Apply Now” button below, share your CV, and let us know your skills and ideal role you are looking for within our area of business.

Remember, every great journey begins with a single step. Take yours now.

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