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Our organisation exists to make healthcare options for trans and non-binary people more accessible worldwide. We educate others so that they can feel empowered to help and where there is a reluctance to do so, we step in and provide much needed care, both safely and respectfully.

Featured Vacancies


As NHS services continue to struggle under the weight of demand for transgender healthcare, GenderGP stands ready to deliver gender specialist services to meet that need. We are looking for an individual with experience with NHS or HSE commissioning to join our team to ensure our processes and protocols are NHS ready. As a ‘suitable alternative’ provider, GenderGP can support the NHS to meet its duty to provide care to trans patients within 18 weeks. The ideal candidate will have previous experience of having worked in a similar role and will have a thorough understanding of the standards which must be met and the processes by which suitable alternatives are measured.



We are looking for doctors to join our team. You must be passionate about equality in healthcare, and understand the principle of gender-affirming care and informed consent, particularly in the care of adults and adolescents. Applicants can come from a wide variety of specialisms, including General Practice, Sexual Health, General Medicine, Paediatrics etc. No direct experience is required and full training is provided. The only essential qualification is a license to practice medicine in your country or work, and the drive and passion to help transgender patients with their medical transition. You must have an excellent command of the English language. More information on the care of trans patients can be found here.




Our patients are always looking for solutions close to home that can help with blood-taking and injections. If you have a clinic setting or can offer a mobile service to help people in your area, please let us know.




We are actively looking to form links with Trans support groups across the world. If you are a member or leader of a group that provides local support, and would like to be listed on our site, please do get in touch.