For those people who wear makeup, the summer months can be a difficult time; with heat, humidity and changeable weather playing havoc with carefully applied foundation and eyeliner. For transgender, non-binary and trans-femme people who might be unfamiliar with makeup techniques, and may have added considerations around coverage, expert makeup artist to the trans community, Jessica Blacker, has noted the essential makeup tips for the summer months.



Whether you’re off on holiday, enjoying the weather from your garden, or jumping onto a jam packed tube train into the office, the heat can wreak havoc with your makeup. If you’re prone to oily skin, or just want to wear a more natural look during the summer months, we’ve put together some handy tips to ensure your makeup survives, whatever temperatures summer may send our way.


1. Prep with an SPF
Don’t forget the sun cream, this needs to be applied under your makeup to give your skin the protection it needs. We know what you’re thinking – this will result in a sticky oily mess! In fact, many brands now make sun creams specifically designed for the face and neck which are less oily, and won’t leave your hands feeling sticky. These are also less likely to cause spots. Moisturisers with SPF and UVA protection are also an excellent compromise. Alternatively, if you have especially oily skin and want to avoid layering sun cream and makeup, you can get a foundation with SPF built in.

Remember, when products serve two purposes its important to make sure you are using enough to get the SPF protection stated on the bottle.

We all instinctively go from the centre of the face and work our out. Instead, opt for the forehead, the hairline and the sides of the cheeks, jawline, and neck first. These places get more sun and will need the most protection (as well as being some of the most painful if you get burned!).


2. Choose a lightweight base
When the sun is beating down it can be liberating not to wear any make up at all, but not all of us feel confident to go make up free everyday. For those days, the Jecca Blac Correct and Conceal Palette (insert link) provides medium coverage, perfect for the summer months. Whether you want it to look like you’re wearing no make up at all or you want a natural summer glow, this palette helps you achieve the coverage you require without the sticky, full foundation application, letting your skin breathe.

If you struggle with oily skin, an additional layer of translucent powder will stop your make up from slipping as well as helping to create a matte finish, which will remain in place throughout the day. Many powders also include SPF, so they offer an additional layer of protection.


3. Bronzing is an art
Bronzing is one of the best ways to achieve a healthy looking glow – perfect for summer. A helpful tip is to stick to the areas in which you would naturally catch the sun: your forehead, nose and cheeks and into the hairline. Bronzer also works really well as a natural looking eyeshadow shade.

But what bronzer should you choose? In summer, powder bronzers can get clumpy when they get wet with sweat, combine other makeup or you get caught out by that unexpected thunderstorm. Our cream based Sculpt and Soften Palette has a bronzing shade. Apply with a fluffy brush to the forehead, cheeks and eyelids for an effortless sun kissed look which blends naturally into the skin. If you prefer to stick to powder, a powder with a shimmer tone works best on the cheeks to attract the light, use a matte powder to create a velvet texture on the rest of the face.


4. Ditch the statement eye
Heavy eye makeup should be avoided where possible in the heat, eyeshadow will naturally separate along the creases of your eyelids when mixed with sweat and smudging mascara or eyeliner. When you’re going for a fresher-faced look, use lipstick to add a little wow factor. For a long lasting wear, that won’t need touching up, we recommend a matte finish. If you prefer a more glossy finish, try mixing your lipstick shade with a coat of vaseline. But beware this look requires greater upkeep!

For summer colours, we suggest trying something subtle such as a natural pink or nude. If you prefer a pop of colour our Pride collection Vegan & Cruelty Free Matte Lipstick in shade U.R.U is an ideal choice offering a light weight, long-lasting full coverage finish. We are donating £1 of every lipstick sold to Switchboard.

Add a pop of colour with lipstick


5. Set up for success
Get yourself a good matte setting spray to keep everything in place. This is especially beneficial for oily skin. There are lots of products out there so choose one which is long-lasting with yet more SPF protection, for best results.


6. All over glow
If you won’t be stepping out of the office much this summer, get an artificial glow. The Sculpt and Soften Palette’s bronzing shade can be used all of the body to hide blemishes and create that ‘just-hopped-off-the-plane’ look. Alternatively, there are an array of body glow oils and sprays to give the whole body a tinted shimmer.


You can read more of Jessica’s makeup tips for the transgender community in her monthly blogs for GenderGP, such as this one on Using makeup to enhance femininity and highlight our best features

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Jecca Blac is a trans inclusive makeup brand that began by founder Jessica Blacker, offering makeup lessons to the trans community. Jecca Blac celebrates individuality and creates products that offer solutions, such as beard shadow coverage. Jessica is a guest writer on our blog monthly and provides makeup tips and tricks on her blogs.


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash