Dear Prime Minister-Elect:

I’m not Jewish and I didn’t personally experience the Holocaust. Yet, I’m very aware of the persecution of the Jews because I was taught about it in my history lessons. As an adult, I’ve explored the reality of those atrocities.

I’m white and I didn’t experience slavery firsthand or the horrors that black people faced at the hands of white people. But I have seen it portrayed in movies; the reenactment is so horrific that it should only be found in pure fiction. Instead, it’s an accurate reflection of history.

I’m heterosexual so I didn’t experience the difficulties that gay people faced when, in 1988, the government stepped in to lay down laws that would marginalise them further.

I’m a woman but the women before me in history fought ferocious battles for me to have equal rights. And I’m so grateful for their hard work and sacrifices. However, I’m deeply ashamed of the behaviour of some of today’s feminists.

History has taught us of the damage that’s done when humans are allowed or encouraged to discriminate against minority groups. Our generation should be proud of the fact that that level of persecution no longer exists against those communities here in the UK.

UK Still Persecutes Minority Groups: Trans and Non-Binary People

Instead, transgender people are, today, being murdered, bullied, persecuted, neglected, and ignored. Their voices are drowned out by a small group of loud voices. If they’re brave enough to speak up, they’re targeted. They’re targeted now in the same way that women, people with disabilities, people of colour, homosexual and bisexual people, Jewish people once were. We should be deeply ashamed that we are, once again, allowing this to happen.

Transgender people’s identities are being publicly challenged: “A man is a man, a woman is a woman”, said your predecessor. If he – the UK Prime Minister – is allowed to deny transgender identities, that gives permission for the rest of the world to follow.

I ask you to work with the trans community in the UK and their allies to promote visibility and education about this targeted minority group. Doing so will reduce fear and ignorance. I ask that you introduce a policy of zero tolerance of behaviour that in any way mirrors the atrocities of history that we teach our youngsters not to recreate.

Everyone has the right to live in a world where they feel safe, included, and respected, regardless of their gender identity. I invite you to have a cup of tea and a discussion, so that you and I can work together to make this happen.


Best Wishes,