To help everyone get into the vibe this Transgender Day of Visibility, we’ve compiled a list of tracks from trans musicians (with a few trans allies thrown in for good measure). 

Music is just one way that trans people can be visible – read more about how some trans people are becoming beacons of visibility in the areas of music, entertainment, sport, healthcare and politics in our latest blog on the importance of trans visibility here.


TDoV Spotify Playlist - GenderGP - Trans Day of Visibility

Listen to the GenderGP Trans Day of Visibility Playlist on Spotify here: Trans Day of Visibility Playlist | Spotify

If you want to help get Steph May, a trans musician, into the UK charts with her single “One Life” on Trans Day of Visibility you can read more about it, and download the track here.


Happy Trans Day of Visibility to all our service users and friends in the trans community – From the GenderGP team x