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Fundraising for trans youth.

We have been overwhelmed by the reaction that our Fund has received in the community. We are especially grateful to those who have taken it upon themselves to launch their own fundraising initiatives towards the Fund.

Ed Sweet gamer, trans ally

Mario Kart Stream for Hope

This coming weekend (Feb 20/21st) gamer @EdwardTSweet will be taking to Twitch for his own “Mario Stream for Hope” livestream event which promises to be a lot of fun! You can find out more by listening to our podcast.

Hades Stream for Hope

Gamer @theymerSophie raised an incredible £50,000 towards the Fund in December, this was matched by GenderGP in in-kind donations. Find out more by reading our blog.

If you would like to organise your own livestream we are happy to support in any way we can.

Please get in touch via our Help Centre.