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This is a guest post by Jenny-Anne Bishop, in this post Jenny-Anne talks to Gendergp about make-up techniques for hiding beard shadow and masking any emerging shadow whilst out and about.

After close shaving and moisturising the face, we use an orange or brown / red blusher  or lipstick all over the beard area and blend in with a flat brush. Then cover the area with a good concealer or camouflage make-up. This is blended in with a brush and then covered with a good well bodied foundation. Again this is blended in with a brush and then set with a good very fine translucent face powder. The whole can be sealed for longer lasting with a make up sealer which is sprayed on, or you can use hair spray to the same effect.

Laval Secret Beauty Foundation - Natural Ivory (Code-601)

Obviously as one takes oestrogen and an androgen blocker the Facial and body hair do reduce a bit and may become easier to shave and to pluck out.

Vaniqa cream also helps to soften and slow down facial hair, but even 10 years on Hormones and 6 years past GRS, I still camoflage the beard area by using an orangy blusher and a concealer under my regular foundation.

I use Laval Secret Beauty foundation as it is reasonably low cost, gives good coverage and the tube lasts me about 6 months as it’s an 85ml tube. I use shade 601 Natural Ivory

The concealer I use is Kryolan Dermacolour or Dermablend Camouflage concealer.

Use a flat blending brush just dampened like this one: Voberry® 1pcs Professional Cosmetic Flat Contour Brush Face Blend Makeup Brush for Face Cheeks (Gold)


Body Hair

In terms of body hair, hormones will reduce and soften the hair. Both Elen and I have used an epilator for many years which gradually weakens and reduces the hairs to the point where I only need to do it about every 3 months.

I use a Bayliss Epilator and Elen uses a Braun model. Both work equally well and can be purchased on line or from Boots.

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