Makeup guru Jessica Blackler is the founder of Jecca Blac genderless cosmetics. In this guest blog post she shares her top tips on two key looks for the festive season.

It’s time to get festive! With so many things to juggle, presents to buy, parties to attend, your makeup should not be on your list of worries. The key is to keep things simple but high impact this Christmas. Here’s how…


A bold lip

If you want something quick and simple we suggest adding a bold lip. This is the perfect way to glam up your day makeup, giving you an instant party look. A bold lip can be high maintenance and does require touch ups, so here are a few tips to make it easier:

  1. Prep the lips by using a lip scrub and lip balm.
  2. Choose the lipstick texture carefully. We suggest using a matte lipstick for a bold lip as it tends to last longer and doesn’t smudge as much when you eat/drink.
  3. Use a lip liner. A lip liner will provide a clear outline and prevent the lipstick from smudging or “bleeding” outside of the desired area.
  4. Use a concealer around the lips. To make the lipstick really stand out, we suggest lining the lips with a concealer. We tend to use our concealer from the Correct & Conceal range. Use a small makeup brush and concealer to go around the edges of the lips.
  5. Keep your smile lipstick free by putting your index finger in your mouth, once your lipstick has been applied, and closing your lips around it. Move your finger clockwise and counterclockwise once. This will remove any trances of unwanted lipstick from the inside of your lips which would otherwise transfer to your teeth.


Maxine Heron using ‘Life On The Rainbow’ lipstick from Jecca Blac.


Add a touch of sparkle!

While it can be tricky to apply, if you prefer to make your eyes the main attraction, glitter can be a girl’s best friend.

Here are a few tips on how to add glitter to the eyes quickly and easily:

  1. It may sound obvious but always use makeup glitter instead of craft glitter! This is much finer and will give a perfect finish.
  2. Add an eye primer to the area before adding glitter. The primer will prepare the area ensuring it is moist, which will help the glitter to stick into place.
  3. Use your fingertips to add glitter to the eye area. Push the glitter onto the eyelid using your fingers, this gives you a lot more control than using a brush.


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TIP: Apply your eye makeup before applying your base. Glitter can be a messy business, by focusing on perfecting your eyes first you can easily clean up the face area before starting your base.


A glitter eye look can be very simple but effective


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Jess – founder of Jecca Blac



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Jecca Blac is a trans inclusive makeup brand that began by founder Jessica Blacker, offering makeup lessons to the trans community. Jecca Blac celebrates individuality and creates products that offer solutions, such as beard shadow coverage. Jessica is a guest writer on our blog monthly and provides makeup tips and tricks on her blogs.