Jessica Blackler, founder of Jecca Makeup, a gender free, cruelty free company, shares her expert tips on creating a flawless finish using the Jecca Makeup Correct & Conceal palette.

Before applying makeup, it is always a good idea to wash your face and apply moisturiser. Moisturisers help to prevent dry, flaky skin, which is especially important if you suffer from acne. It is also good practice to wear a primer, as this can smooth out pores and bumps, providing a smooth base for any application.


Beard Coverage

Shave your face to prepare for coverage. 

Using the Jecca Makeup Correct & Conceal palette, apply our pink concealer to the area where any blue beard shadow can be seen. Using either your fingers, or a damp makeup sponge, gently blend the product into your skin. Try not to use a makeup brush as this can lift hairs and prevent an even finish.

Gently pat the ‘skin true’ concealer over the pink concealer, so that it does not move around on the skin. If you have significant beard shadow, you may want to apply another layer of ‘skin true’ concealer.

Set with powder for long-lasting, smooth skin. We recommend Kat Von D setting powder, which is also vegan.



To cover scarring, dab the ‘skin true’ colour lightly over the area, making sure to blend out around the edges. You may need to apply more than one layer for full coverage. If you want a full makeup look, you can apply an additional layer of your preferred foundation. Our favourite full coverage foundation is Lock-It Foundation, by Kat Von D.

Set with powder for longer lasting, full coverage. It can also help to use a setting spray, spraying lightly from 30cm away. The setting spray is not always needed if you have used a full coverage foundation. However, if you have just used the concealer, a setting spray can work well. We recommend Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.  


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Under-Eye Shadows

The pink toned concealer is best for grey or blue shadows under the eyes. Apply just below the crease of the eye socket, avoiding any puffiness.

Buff out toward the cheeks using your fingers or a sponge, in a triangle shape. Pat a little ‘skin true’ concealer over this area, making sure not to shift the product underneath.

Apply a powder to set and enjoy brighter looking eyes all day!



For particularly swollen individual spots, it can help to cool the area with an ice pack wrapped in a warm, wet face cloth. Gently press this onto the skin for a short time.

Apply the ‘skin true’ concealer over the area – it may take more than one application to get the desired coverage. Pat lightly, blending out the edges into the skin to achieve an even tone. 

Gently set your makeup with powder for a smooth finish.

Enjoy your flawless, fabulous look!



Jecca Makeup was conceived when make up artist, Jessica Blackler, began offering make up lessons to transgender women. She found that there was little in the way of resources for trans women wanting to learn about make up and the choice, in terms of available product, was almost non- existent. And so, the first product in the Jecca Makeup range was created. 

The Jecca Makeup Correct & Conceal palette is suitable for beard shadow, and is effective at covering scars, under eye shadows, and blemishes caused by acne. It is a cream palette with two colours. The pinky colour is a colour corrector for blue undertones (found around the under eyes and beard shadow), and the ‘skin true’ colour corrects red tones and provides an even, flawless coverage.

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Jecca Blac is a trans inclusive makeup brand that began by founder Jessica Blacker, offering makeup lessons to the trans community. Jecca Blac celebrates individuality and creates products that offer solutions, such as beard shadow coverage. Jessica is a guest writer on our blog monthly and provides makeup tips and tricks on her blogs.