Makeup can be transformational, highlighting our best assets and maximising our feminine features. We are often asked for tips and tricks by our female visitors, so we approached makeup artist Jessica Blackler. Jessica is the founder of genderless cosmetics company Jecca Blac. Here she shares her tips and tricks on how best to use makeup and simple contouring techniques to really enhance your femininity.





Forehead reshaping

When looking to highlight our feminine features we begin with the forehead. It’s best to use the darker shade on the outer edges of the forehead, as this creates a really feminine look. This technique can shorten the forehead and help hide a receding hairline. Additionally, you can achieve a softer brow by applying the darker shade to the front of the brow bone and the lighter shade along the top.


Nose contouring

When it comes to feminising the nose, you can soften it by applying a thin line of the light shade straight down the centre of the nose, stopping before you get to the tip, where you will just place a small dot in the centre. Beware that too many dark shades in this area can ‘muddy’ your makeup. We are aiming for a shape similar to an exclamation point. As you will see in the video, I place a small amount of the darker shade along the sides and under the tip of the nose. This can help slim and shorten the nose if required.


Enhance your cheekbones

To enhance your cheekbones, use the darker shade to create a line beginning at the tragus, or center of the ear, and angle it towards the corner of the mouth. Again using the model in the video as an example, you see I only take the line halfway towards the model’s lips, as bringing it all the way to the mouth may again create a ‘muddy’ look. If you have trouble finding your cheekbone, place your index finger on your tragus and your thumb by your nostril. When you slide your fingers towards each other, you should feel your cheekbone. If you want the look of rounder cheeks, make sure to curve the line along the end.


Softening the jawline

If you would like to soften the edges of the jawline, create a line that begins at the bottom of the ears, and curve it towards the chin. This gives a rounder look to a square shaped jaw. You can also use the soften shade of the Jecca Blac Sculpt and Soften palette, to highlight your newly softened jawline by adding it just above the darker shade. This will make the new shape more prominent.

As you can see in the video I outline the edges of the chin, softening its shape and making it look slimmer. To soften the chin further, you can create a ‘w’ shape under the lips with the lighter shade. Begin the shape at the corner of the mouth, and only take the bottom of the ‘w’ into the crease of the chin. This technique also gives the illusion of plumper lips.


Blend, blend, blend!

Now it’s time to blend, blend, blend! Use a tapping motion with a larger flat brush to pat the contour and highlight into the face. Avoid using a mixing motion, as it will alter the lines you have created. After you’ve successfully blended all the harsh lines away, you can go back in with the soften shade to highlight the tops of the cheekbones, center of the forehead, edges of the nose, and under the eyebrows.

If needed, you can use a pink color corrector to counteract any dark circles under the eyes. Adding concealer on top helps even the skin tone further and blends the product in with the contours that have been created.


All of these tips and techniques are also included in the How to Guide that comes with our Sculpt & Soften palette.


“Happy contouring!”

Jecca Blac


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Jecca Blac is a trans inclusive makeup brand that began by founder Jessica Blacker, offering makeup lessons to the trans community. Jecca Blac celebrates individuality and creates products that offer solutions, such as beard shadow coverage. Jessica is a guest writer on our blog monthly and provides makeup tips and tricks on her blogs.


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash