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GenderGP is an online health and wellbeing clinic which proudly serves transgender people of all ages across the world – and those who support them. We firmly believe that every transgender and non-binary person on the planet should have access to an on-demand healthcare ecosystem without discrimination, prejudice, or gatekeeping.

The organisation works tirelessly to promote excellence in trans healthcare, campaigning for improved access and understanding at all levels, in line with international best practices.

GenderGP offers an electronic telehealth platform and digital communication system that supports the health and wellbeing of transgender and gender non-conforming people worldwide. Using a unique Gender Care Pathway, information can be exchanged and prepared to support people’s access to gender-affirming healthcare services.

We are casting aside barriers, rewriting the narrative, and changing the vision for transgender healthcare. We are on a mission to be the most streamlined and innovative telehealth service, e-learning resource, and patient care model for the trans and non-binary health sector. We are already supporting more than 9,000 members worldwide.

You can contact our media team by emailing

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Frequently Asked Questions for Media

What is the best way to contact you with media queries?
What materials can I use with permission?

You can download various colour logos here for use, but you must contact our media team for permission to use them in any media-related materials. Please reach out to our media team at for permission.

What types of media projects does GenderGP get involved in?

We welcome diverse projects and pitches in various formats focused on informing and educating the wider public about the trans and non-binary community. Our past involvement includes documentaries, TV broadcasts, written pieces, and more. Please contact our team with your project, and we’ll assess the fit.

How quickly can you support me with a quote?

We will always do our best to support any media queries in a timely fashion. We generally ask for a notice period of three working days before a deadline to ensure we can respond, but always reach out to the team to see if something can be arranged.

Can I use materials on your website with permission?

Images cannot be used without prior arrangements. However, you are welcome to quote any text or digital content from our website, as long as proper credit is assigned, and a backlink is included to provide readers with the full context of the quote. For more information on this matter, please feel free to contact our media team at

You operate online, are you able to attend arrangements in person?

This would largely depend on a range of factors. We primarily operate remotely and conduct most business in this manner. If you have an opportunity that is exclusively in person, please email the team at, and we’ll see if something can be arranged if the opportunity suits.

Who at your organisation is available for comment?

We work with a diverse team of specialists, all highly skilled in their respective fields, including doctors, nurses, therapists, and counsellors. They are carefully selected for their expertise, skills, and commitment to gender-related healthcare. If you are working on a project and would like to consult with a GenderGP representative, please contact us at Provide a comprehensive explanation of your project and your specific needs, and we will determine the best person within our organisation to support your initiative.

Which news organisations will you work with?

We’re open to working with anyone who is looking to work with our community on an open-minded and factually-led basis. Our content aims to educate and inform communities at large, and we’re happy to work with organisations that share these similar goals and visions.

Will you promote my content?

We’re open to supporting works committed to advocating for the trans community and advancing knowledge within gender-affirming healthcare. If you have something in mind, please send it to our media team at and we’ll see what we can do.

Socials and Metrics

GenderGP prides itself on the thriving community of gender-diverse people all around the globe. Our digital spaces and media appearances aim to foster a welcoming environment for all, regardless of background.

One of the ways we nurture this environment is through our digital spaces, including social media platforms and blogs. Our social presence amounts to nearly 50,000 people across various platforms, with Twitter and Instagram alone having over 10,000 each, while our blog garners an average readership of around 40,000 views per month.