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Are you interested in learning more about the rights of, and healthcare provision for, the trans community in the UK and further afield? We can provide education, insight and interviews for anyone interested in understanding more about the gender affirmative approach taken by the team at GenderGP.

How to support your transgender child -

“I don’t think anyone would ‘choose’ for their child to be ‘different’ in any obvious way – particularly in a way that can cause such hostility – but, if a child has any needs, then our job as adults is to support them in whatever way we can” says Dr Helen Webberley, who manages the online gender clinic Gender GP.

Unite UK - 2017 – Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community

Dr. Helen Webberley

We’ve previously showcased Dr. Helen Webberley’s work in previous posts. Her work for the trans community is undeniably amazing. With her free services online plus her informative blog post, she is helping society gain a new understanding for the trans community.

The Times - The doctor who helps kids to change gender

When I arrive at Dr Helen Webberley’s door it is hard to believe I am at the home of the woman who says she is Britain’s only private doctor to treat transgender children — and who is being investigated by the General Medical Council (GMC) for giving sex-change hormones to a child of 12. I mean, I’m in Abergavenny! This isn’t San Francisco or Bangkok. Inside her comfy cottage Webberley, 48, bustles about making us a nice cup of tea and I admire the photos of her three teenage children.

It’s not what I expected when I read the glowing headlines in a gay newspaper: “Hormones for 12-year-olds. Puberty-blockers without the wait. Trans healthcare available in every town — Helen Webberley has torn up the rule…


Ask me Anything - The New Reddit Journal of Science - Transgender AMA

As a former NHS GP with a specialist interest in gender, I set up an online clinic to help the transgender community get access to fairer healthcare. As part of my day to day activity I hear countless stories of people who have been discriminated against just because they do not fit with society’s view of gender ‘norms’. I advise patients on how to access the treatment they are entitled to via the NHS and I also treat patients directly. Whether you are transgender yourself or want to understand more about gender variance – Ask Me Anything!