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Best practice guidance on supporting your trans patient.

Medical Hub

Treating your trans patient: guidance for healthcare professionals


Due to a lack of clear guidance and education in the UK on the treatment of trans patients, gender variant individuals often struggle to get access to the care they need. This resource has been created based on expertise drawn from centres of excellence around the world, as well as our own significant experience of providing affirmative care to this patient cohort. Our aim is to inform and empower healthcare practitioners so that they in turn can provide the best care to their trans patient.

We hope it will give them the confidence to treat according to patient need.

GP Collaboration

We like to work with patient’s GPs whenever possible and will always seek the patient’s consent to inform their doctor of their treatment and management plan. However, some patients find it difficult to share information about their trans healthcare with their GP, for a variety of reasons. Guidance on GenderGP’s approach to working with GPs can be found here.

The GenderGP Guide to Trans Healthcare
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Professional Indemnity
The GenderGP Guide to Trans Healthcare

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