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GenderGP Healthcare Professional Licensing Policy

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GenderGP Healthcare Team – Licensing and Regulation

The GenderGP health services team comprises a range of people from various countries and backgrounds who handle queries from patients and members of the public and offer support and advice on issues related to health and wellbeing. These people consist of professionally qualified healthcare professionals and a team of healthcare advisors.

Healthcare Professionals Licence to Practise

All qualified healthcare professionals working with GenderGP must hold a licence to practise with their relevant Licensing Body.

The process of licensing involves healthcare professionals demonstrating that they are up to date, fit to practise and complying with all relevant professional standards. A system of revalidating professional registration applies to healthcare professionals including doctors, counsellors, psychotherapists, biomedical scientists, speech therapists, nurses and midwives.


The following activities are required to be licensed:

  • Assessing, diagnosing, treating, reporting or giving advice in a medical capacity.
  • Signing any medical certificate required for statutory purposes, such as death and cremation certificates, GRC certificates.
  • Prescribing medicines.
  • Holding out to the public or representing in any manner including advertising, research, that one is authorised to practise in their field.
  • Making referrals to specialists for further care.


Healthcare Professional Licensing Requirements:

  • Hold a current licence to practise and be on the appropriate register.
  • Conform to standards set for professionals’ education and training and practice.
  • Follow approved programmes which professionals must complete to maintain their professional registration.
  • Prove that they maintain these required standards.
  • Comply with the professional code of ethical conduct published by their Licensing Body.

GenderGP Healthcare Advisors

Our excellent team of advisors work under the guidance of our professionally qualified team to manage queries from patients, members of the public and healthcare professionals, such as GPs, nurses and pharmacists. They provide safe and effective health assessment, information and advice, in line with agreed protocols to direct the member to the most appropriate advice, care or service for their needs.

They provide assessment, basic health advice and information to patients, supporting them to access the appropriate care, including advice to manage their health at home.

Our team works remotely with our non-clinical and clinical colleagues, including healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and pharmacists.


GenderGP Partners

We also have collaborative relationships with a number of organisations that provide healthcare services for our members. This includes pharmacies and pathology laboratories. They provide these services in their own terms and conditions and access to their services is covered by their own independent licensing and regulation.


Revised November 2022