This policy was last updated on 22nd February 2024



Member Finance Policy

This Member Finance Policy, along with any documents referenced, explains the terms and conditions under which services are provided. By purchasing any of our services you accept these terms and conditions.

We kindly request that all members reach out to GenderGP first before initiating external disputes . By contacting GenderGP initially, you will benefit from our expertise and the opportunity to address concerns in a timely and individualized manner. This approach aligns with our commitment to providing the best possible support and resources for our members.

If you encounter any challenges or have concerns, we encourage you to contact GenderGP directly. Our dedicated helpdesk team is ready to assist you and work towards a swift resolution

1. Subscription

1.1 To become a GenderGP member you are required to setup a regular subscription once submitted to Final Review.

1.2 Subscription to our service consists of an initial fee followed by recurring fees of the same amount every 28 days or once per calendar month. Once set up, you assume responsibility for all recurring charges prior to termination.

1.3 GenderGP can submit monthly charges indefinitely without further authorisation from you until you provide your notice for cancellation. The notice is one month’s billing period from the date on which a cancellation request was submitted.

1.4 If your payment fails, for whatever reason, after three attempts your subscription will automatically be cancelled.

1.5 If you are dissatisfied with our service you may submit a complaint. An investigation will be conducted to determine if a refund is applicable.

2. Set-up Fees

2.1 All new and returning members must pay a one-off set-up fee in full before they can be sent to Final Review.

2.2 If you have opted for set-up fee instalments you accept responsibility for all recurring charges before it is paid in full.

2.3 Once work has commenced on your Appraisal Pathway Form under no circumstances will you be able to obtain a refund of your set-up fee.

2.4 By submitting an Appraisal Pathway Form you understand that it is not guaranteed that you may be accepted to our service or that you will be suitable for a medical transition. We retain the right to retain the set-up fee if work has started on your form.

3. Sessions

3.1 No sessions are included in the subscription or set-up fee.

3.2 Some sessions at GenderGP are a compulsory part of your membership. Failure to complete compulsory sessions may result in cancellation of your subscription.

3.3 GenderGP is unable to provide a refund under any of the following circumstances:

3.3.1 After a session is completed.

3.3.2 Failure to cancel a session with 48 hours notice.

3.3.3 Decline to reschedule with an alternative Specialist or date/time if your Specialist is unable to attend.

3.3.4 If you did not attend a session due to not receiving a booking confirmation, but failed to notify us.

3.3.5 You are unable to attend due to technical issues with Google Meet, but fail to provide proper documentation (screenshots).

3.3.6 If you book the incorrect session type without any input from us.

Exceptional circumstances are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

4. Prescriptions

4.1 Medication and paper prescriptions are not included in the recurring subscription or set-up fee.

4.2 GenderGP are not responsible for payments to our partner pharmacies. We cannot refund subscription fees due to partner delays.

4.3 To receive a paper prescription you must pay the postage and admin fee in full.

4.4 We cannot guarantee that all pharmacies will accept our prescriptions. If a paper prescription has been printed and posted to you a refund is not available.

4.5 Paper prescriptions are delivered to you by a tracked courier service with notification of delivery slot. If you miss your delivery slot a repeat delivery fee is required.

5. Blood Tests

5.1 Blood tests are not included in the subscription or set-up fee but are a compulsory part of the treatment.

5.2 Full payment to GenderGP is required prior to submitting a blood test request to our provider.

5.3 Blood test fees will not be refunded if you have booked and attended your appointment with our provider, or, if the tests are inconclusive.

5.4 An additional fee must be paid to reschedule a missed blood test appointment with our provider.

6. Letters

6.1 You understand that not all letters are covered by your subscription fees.

6.2 Fees for any Life Admin letters must be paid in full before it can be issued and posted.

6.3 Letter costs cannot be refunded once a letter has been issued and sent to you.

6.4 A postage fee must be paid in full for physical letter copies.

7. Liability

7.1 It is your responsibility to update your payment card details before any subscription payment is due.

7.2 All clauses in this policy apply regardless of your payment method.

7.3 All refunds will be processed to your original payment method.

7.4 If a refund is granted GenderGP will solely refund the purchase price.

7.5 We are not liable for any fraudulent misrepresentation.

7.6 Your payment account must remain in good standing in order to continue to receive our services. If you dispute a payment through your payment provider that we have previously declined to refund according to this policy, you will not be able to access our services.

7.7 We reserve the right to amend this policy and to change our services at any time.