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Dr Helen Webberley’s hearing has been ongoing since the end of July. We’ve been keeping track of the day-to-day action and new developments, including some surprising inconsistencies from the GMC’s witnesses that seem to challenge the allegations against Dr Webberley.

To access August’s bulletins, you can follow the links below. If you want to get updates on the hearing as they occur, you can sign up for them here.

  • Days 1-3 – The case is introduced, and the safety of puberty blockers and unlicensed medication is discussed.
  • Days 4-5 – Professor Gary Butler takes the stand, and admits that there are no formal qualifications for the treatment of gender dysphoria.
  • Days 6-7 – Dr Young and Professor Hindmarsh take the stand – although neither of them have any experience treating trans young people.
  • Days 8-9 – The counsel for the defence complains about the GMC’s ‘selective’ approach to evidence, and Health Inspectorate Wales demonstrate a disregard for the health and lives of Dr Webberley’s patients.
  • Day 10 – Dr Webberley is accused of inadequate record-keeping – but we see vital evidence lost by the GMC’s own failure to act.
  • Day 11-12 – Dr Webberley’s counsel argues for the inclusion of trans voices in the hearing and the GMC fails to provide evidence in a timely manner.
  • Day 13-14 – More unexpected evidence, and Dr Klink is sworn in. He insists on the importance of an MDT – but ends up conceding that GPs can assess and treat gender dysphoria.
  • Day 15-16 – Dr Agnew provides expert witness testimony – but his lack of experience with trans patients  is called into question.
  • Days 17-18 – Further testimony from Dr Agnew provokes backlash online.

More updates will be added as the case progresses.