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During the MPTS hearing of Dr Webberley, the mother of one of the patients in question reached out via our website.

Patient A had identified as male his entire life, and at age 11 was assessed by GIDS and given puberty blockers. However, because the NHS does not typically prescribe gender-affirming hormones to people under 16, Patient A was staring down the barrel of a five-year wait to start the puberty that should already have been underway. Not only did this endanger his mental health, it also posed physical health risks – the body needs hormones to develop properly, and leaving an adolescent without them for five years is unconscionable. For this reason they sought out Dr Webberley’s support with a private prescription of testosterone.

In the comment below, Patient A’s mum describes their treatment by Professor Butler. Butler, who treated Patient A and later testified against Dr Webberley, cut Patient A off from his supply of testosterone by pressuring his GP and referred him to mental health services despite the fact that his condition had been improving on the hormones. It even came out in the hearing that he misled Patient A and his mother about participating in a testosterone trial that never happened.


I am patient A’s mum. I am still in disbelief that Dr Webberley, the only qualified doctor in the entire UK who would treat my son – my son who has identified as male his entire life – would be witch hunted and put through such turmoil with false allegations, when the true perpetrator here is Butler! A man who was not only prepared to let my son commit suicide, but to cut us off from all NHS. It was Butler’s way or no way, and the cost would have been my son’s life had Dr Webberley not helped us!

My son was not allowed blood tests, or to continue with the vital hormone blockers, etc. In fact, Butler not only sent our GP a letter demanding they halt his treatment, but he personally phoned our GP and told them the same mistruths he told us and the GMC, and reiterated to our GP that he was not to treat my son under any circumstances! Our GP was afraid of losing his licence so he agreed, even though he stated that he disagreed with the decision. I can honestly say that if my son had developed female and had to endure a menstrual cycle he would have taken his life there and then. I would sit outside the bathroom when he went in, hide anything dangerous. I had to watch my son sleep for fear he had taken his life and was not breathing, to the point I would gently check his pulse. I also recall one particular day that he was sobbing on his bed and I went to hug him, and he said, “Mam, I love you so, so much, all the world, and I will miss you, but I can’t go on”. I am fighting tears writing this! To see any fellow human suffering is heart-breaking. Knowing it is your child suffering, and all you want for them, and all they desire for themselves, is to experience life the same as everyone else and to be happy. Every human is entitled to live however they choose and to be happy!

It was never my son’s fault he was born in a female body. Butler and GIDS were aware of my son’s distress and that he was prepared to take his life. What did they do? Took away his right to NHS care. This worsened everything, and we were literally living in hell! My son was NEVER diagnosed with a mental health condition or depression. My son and I were told by a mental health professional at CAHMS, “I am unsure why you were referred here as you do not have a mental health condition.” My son only endured such distress due to the actions of Butler and the NHS, after Butler played God!

I can never express my gratitude to Dr Webberley and her entire network. She has not only saved my child’s life, but allowed him to mature into a wonderful 17-year-old man. He smiles, laughs, is very wise and mature for his age, he works out and eats healthy, he attends college and has a job, and I can sleep without staying up almost all night and tiptoeing into his room to check his pulse and to ensure he is alive. I no longer have to worry and feel dread. This remarkable lady has not only saved my boy’s life (I am aware she has saved many, many more), but has improved the quality of life for us all! Thank you, Helen!


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We are grateful for the courage and clarity of Patient A’s mother – but it should never be the case that families are brought to this resort. GenderGP was there for Patient A, and will be there for all trans people who need us. But the NHS should have supported this young person in need, and certainly never should have misled him or taken away his care. Patient A’s story has a happy ending, but it also reminds us all to consider seriously the state of transgender healthcare in the UK and the human stories behind it. All these stories can have happy endings – but only if people like Professor Butler stop antagonising doctors who try to help, and start working with them.

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