Shay Robertson lays it all out in the pages of his book as he takes you, year-by-year, through his incredible journey to realise his true self. This deeply personal and open account of Shay’s struggles, dreams and ultimate goals is a must read and an invaluable guide for anyone considering transition, questioning their own identity, or supporting a loved one on their own journey.

Funny, sad, informative and deeply inspiring, Shay recounts his journey from childhood to manhood and everything in between, in such a relatable and honest way it’s difficult not to come out the other side a better person as a result of reading.

Whether it’s the impact his transition had on his relationships, the reality of his numerous surgeries and medication (complete with photos and medical references), or the life-changing results of these – both visible and invisible – Shay’s story is an important one.

Beautifully written and enormously informative, I cannot recommend this book enough.


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