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My Story: Ann Quance


What a difference a year makes. Four stone lighter and feeling great.

You can see the difference between the two photos. I have been on hormones for six months now and I am off to Thailand for some top half surgery next month. Then hopefully March next year back over for my full SRS change.

I have never been happier and my wife and family have been fantastic. All my friends have had no problems with my change and life is good.


Ann (left) and her wife (right)

Ann six months later…


We would like to reassure our patients following the latest attack by the Telegraph on care for trans youth that media scrutiny and fake news will not impact our commitment to the community.

We will continue to do everything that we can to ensure that those people who need care have access to it. GenderGP is an international organisation which operates 100% legally and we are committed to improving trans-healthcare at a fundamental level throughout the world.

Trans people exist, the treatment pathways are clear. The scandal is not that GenderGP is providing care but that national healthcare providers are withholding care.

We will never give up.