My Story: EM


I am a regular reader and receiver of your monthly emailed updates.

I also have on many occasions emailed the gender gp for advice and have had a good response to my communications.

So, to my point in emailing, I was very interested in reading your recent post on the subject of micro dosing and the desire and need to feel non binary.

I have myself felt almost in between sexes most of my life, never quite masculine, more female, but never quite sitting in any one court.

This has been a life battle, like most in my situation we drift in and out of emotions, one day sure of who we are, the next sitting somewhere else.

It’s never just been about presenting as a chosen gender, it’s been about at times just standing in front of a mirror and feeling physically and mentally happy with your reflection.

I’ve always felt like a halfway house project, ongoing inner goals of one day presenting semi fem/semi male. Dare I say ‘metro sexual’, a term not used as much these days, but all the same still a relevant representation of who I think I might be on that day.

I, like so many, have dabbled with microdosing to achieve what I’ve called this ‘halfway house’ and to actually feel okay.  With this approach I can feel joy when I see my reflection in the mirror, I feel pretty pleased, I like what I see.

Is there a point to this piece?

Yes, I guess there is, it’s what makes us comfortable, a choice instead of a pre chosen choice orientated by a collection of DNA that we were born with that show us as a version of ourselves that sits somewhere in between male, female, then back again, then back to female or whichever way we feel comfortable.

There is no box to fit, we can be amorphous to.