My Story: Laura

The first time I offered my pronouns

Fitness can be a hard space for trans and non-binary people to break into, but with a supportive personal trainer Laura overcame these barriers and achieved her goals.

Kelly wrote the following about Laura’s journey on her Facebook page:

In October 2019 I met this lovely, shy young lady: Laura. A 26 year old website designer (now 28!), she came to me looking for a personal trainer to help her lose weight and get fitter.

Laura was one of my first clients, and I had a lot to learn about how to be a good personal trainer. Keeping people motivated and inspired to actively take part in scheduled exercise is not as easy as it might sound!

Not only has Laura managed to keep her fitness regime up and made it a complete success, she has done it whilst going through the huge life changing process of gender transition.

As much as Laura, the sweet, sensitive person that she is, is always singing my praises and those of the many others who have supported her (shout out to my sister Tania and all the beautiful souls that attend our group sessions!), it’s Laura herself who deserves some praise. Because as much as she thinks I’ve helped her, she has helped me.

She has shown me courage, bravery and resilience in the face of adversity. She has shown me how to become one’s truest self no matter what, and that it’s possible to stay positive, kind and good, even when life throws you a curve ball or deals you a bad hand. I’m proud to be her trainer, friend and part of her life’s journey.

As Laura says:

“Life’s a journey and we’re all in it together”

Kelly, Laura’s personal trainer

Tania, Kelly’s sister and Laura’s friend