We are happy to announce that we are introducing a new prescription option at GenderGP, as we move to a new Electronic Prescription System (EPS).

What Is Going to Change For Our Patients?

All patients will now be able to order their prescriptions online through our Electronic Prescription System (EPS), delivered through Clynxx and FreeRX. The new system will replace the current paper prescriptions sent through the post.

This option is not only more beneficial for the environment, but will also save you time and money.

For starters, we are reducing the fee from £12.00 to £9.99.

No more waiting up to two weeks just for your prescription to make its way through your local mail service, as the Electronic Prescription System gives you immediate access to your script.

The new system is also great for security. The electronic prescription is protected against any unauthorised access. It includes an advanced electronic signature which complies with the regulatory requirements (UK Regulation 219, section 5 Human Medicine Regulations 2012). If you are wondering how your private and personal information is stored and who we share it with, please visit our GenderGP website.

I’m a Direct to Pharmacy User, What Will Change for Me?

If you are presently using our partner pharmacies to fulfil your prescription then you will not notice anything different and you can continue to request your prescriptions as your normally do.

I’m a Paper Prescriptions User, What Will Change for Me?

If you wish to switch from paper to electronic prescriptions, simply request your prescription online via the regular form and choose the electronic option.

While in the immediate term we will continue to fulfil paper prescription requests, we will be phasing these out through January, so do please prepare yourself for these changes.

When Is This Change Happening?

Things will change almost immediately for Direct to Pharmacy users.

While in the immediate term we will continue to fulfil paper prescription requests, we will be phasing out Paper Prescriptions through January, so do please prepare yourself for these changes. In the event that working via the EPS is not possible for any patients, we will work directly to try and best accommodate these needs. However, it is extremely unlikely any patients will experience such difficulty as electronic prescriptions, and our EPS tool, is considered the best and most common practice across the EU, UK, and internationally.

How Does the Electronic Prescription System (EPS) Work?

Clynxx is a private, advanced electronic prescription system.

FreeRX is the UK’s official electronic private prescriptions system.

Clynxx will send electronic private prescriptions via FreeRX directly to our patients via email and SMS.

Once you request your prescription online, it will be sent to you via email or SMS.

Every electronic prescription will have a code or a token that is unique to your prescription.

You can use this code or token at any UK or EU pharmacy to obtain your prescriptions and medication.

The pharmacist can access your prescription on their browser following the steps outlined in the email. They will dispense your medication that way.

EPS is widely accepted across both the UK and the EU.

You should NOT print or download the prescription received in your email and SMS.

This will invalidate your prescription and will lead to an extra charge when requesting a replacement.

All electronic prescriptions can ONLY be opened and printed by your chosen pharmacy.

Summary of Changes

Essentially, the electronic prescription system cuts down your waiting time and reduces your fee.

This ensures you have a simpler access to your prescriptions and medication.

We are delighted that the new system will allow GenderGP more time that we can invest in helping all our patients in other ways.

The confirmation code or token in your email or SMS can be given to your pharmacy to obtain your medication.

You can request a prescription HERE.

Check out this video from Clynxx explaining the steps of how the electronic prescription is sent to each individual patient. Watch this video for an explanation on how the unique code or token functions.

For more information and additional FAQs, read through our Pharmacy Hub. Scroll to ‘FAQs for How We Process Your Prescription in 2023’ where you will find the necessary information on our new electronic prescription system (EPS).

You can also find an FAQ for the EPS prescription changes here: https://www.gendergp.com/electronic-prescription-system-faqs/