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Against a backdrop of an increased focus on the inadequate provision of Gender Affirming Healthcare (GAH) services in England, a coalition of civil society organisations have launched judicial review proceedings against NHS England.

Funded by the Good Law Project and the Legal Defence Fund for Transgender Lives, the Endocrine Society, young people’s sexual health organisation Brook, and trans-led charity Gendered Intelligence are pressing for a review that focuses on NHS England’s unlawful and discriminatory approach to health care for transgender adolescents.

Despite previous legal action that successfully overturned the initial findings of Bell v Tavistock, which assured young trans people the right to consent to their treatment, NHS England has stood firm in its insistence that any qualified expert doctor is forbidden from treating trans adolescents without their treatment plan being subject to a “review group” – a discrimotory process that doesn’t exist for the treatment of people who are not trans or gender diverse.

The proceedings offer an opportunity to highlight whether or not NHS England base their processes and protocols on the interests of anti-trans ideology or those of their trans and gender diverse patients.

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