In an effort to inform how the NHS can better develop pregnancy and baby content in order to meet the needs of LGBT+ communities, NHS Digital researcher, Owen Beddis, reached out to LGBT+ people for contributions.

Having identified existing gaps in healthcare information, Beddis and his team are keen to update the current NHS.UK content. In order to do this in a meaningful way, they were seeking input from those affected.

On a recent Reddit post Owen shared that they were struggling to get input from the Trans community and he appealed for their involvement in his study.

After less than two days of the original appeal Owen announced that study had closed after they received a ‘brilliant sample size from this community’, and that they were grateful for everyone who took the time to complete it for them.

Owen added that they are ‘analysing the responses as we speak’ and that participants can  be certain that ‘every response will be taken into account for when we decide the next steps of the project’.


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UPDATED: 01.06.2021 – This article has been updated from the original to reflect subsequent events


Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash