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GMC v Webberley – the timeline so far.

December 2016 Professor Hindmarsh raised a complaint to the GMC because of concerns raised by Professor Butler on the care Dr Webberley gave a 12 year old transgender patient. He had started puberty blockers under the GIDS Early Intervention Study, but had then been told he couldn’t start a male puberty until he was 16. Dr Webberley prescribed him testosterone but this was against NHS protocol and Professor Butler was not in agreement.

March 2017 – The GMC agreed they would open an investigation.

May 2017 – restrictions were placed on Dr Webberley’s license which then prevented her from practicing as a doctor. The GMC were given 18 months to complete their investigations.

February 2020 – the GMC completed their investigations and referred the case to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service for them to decide whether or not her fitness to practice medicine is impaired as a result of the findings of the GMC.

July 2021 – the case was opened, due to finish on October 15 2021.

15 October 2021 – the MPTS have stated that they need more time to make their determinations and to then progress to the next stage of the hearing process.

We are waiting to hear whether the MPTS can reconvene in January 2022, or whether we have to wait until April 2022 for the determination on the facts, and then can proceed to Stage 2. The earliest this case will finish is April 2022, maybe June 2022, maybe later.

Dr Webberley’s legal representative, Mr Ian Stern QC has submitted that there are many people awaiting the outcome of this case and whether Dr Webberley will be able to resume her work as a doctor, not just Dr Webberley herself but also other doctors and of course the transgender community.

Some have said that the wait is like waiting for a GIC appointment….!

You can read about he hearing in more detail in our MPTS Hub. In the meantime we wish Dr Webberley well, and hope she is allowed to resume her carer as a doctor soon.