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GenderGP Portal

Answering all your questions…….

What happens if I am not already a patient of GenderGP?

Just email info@GenderGP.com and we’ll set you up an account!


Why is GenderGP changing the way that I contact them?

Our current email system has served us well since we started in 2015. It was an off-the-shelf solution which grew with us and adapted to our various needs. But it had its limitations.

We have long felt our service users would benefit from a system which would address all of their needs in one place. Secure email is great, but we knew that we needed something bespoke. 

Our vision is to provide the best possible service to our users and we felt that our own dedicated portal would be a game changer: out of this idea the GenderGP Portal was born. A portal through which you can talk to us and we can talk to you.

We have been working very hard for the past two years, bringing together all of the input we have received and feeding it into the creation of the GenderGP Portal. This is an incredibly secure system that will allow users to have a better overview of their care, all in one place. Users will have exclusive access to their medical records as well as being able to seamlessly send and receive messages to and from our specialist team of advisors, counsellors, therapists and medics. It is also where they will be able to order prescriptions and blood tests, as well as uploading and downloading letters and results.


How will the GenderGP Portal make communication better?

Users will have access to all of their messages in one place. These will be easier to navigate without having to look through reams of past emails. The latest message will be at the top and the rest of your messaging history will be divided across a number of pages, giving users lots of controlled access. Users will also have better control over their content. They will be able to update the majority of their personal details, rather than having to request for this to be done. Users will be able to share files through the GenderGP Portal, such as blood results or progress photos. We also have a very handy “wellbeing section” where users can easily update their current feelings about life in general or particular elements of their transition.


When is the switchover taking place?

As of 10pm today (14.02.20) we will begin migrating all the records from the old system to the new GenderGP Portal. When your record has been transferred over, you will receive a ‘Welcome to GenderGP’ message from GenderGP Portal (doctor@mail.gendergp.com) inviting you to enrol. 


How can I be sure my records are safe?

In order to ensure we keep all records safe and secure, users will be asked to provide some details including: name, address, height, weight, GP details, preferred name, next of kin and email address. The team will then check this against our information to validate your account. Please note, we will be unable to validate your account without the above information.


How long will it take?

We have tried to make the switchover as easy as possible. Once users have followed the instructions in the email they are all done. As such, the quicker we have their details confirmed, the quicker we can settle users into our new home. While we will be working around the clock to ensure a seamless transition, users should be mindful that our response time may be slightly longer than usual during this period of change. Please factor this into your planning for any requests for repeat prescriptions or other assistance.


Where is my data stored?

The GenderGP Portal is securely deployed over Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is also the provider of cloud services to large and well-known companies, such as Netflix.


How secure is my data?

We use strong access controls throughout our cloud infrastructure in order to safeguard data and to ensure we comply with data protection regulation and industry standards in information security. Data is encrypted during both transmission and whilst at rest, and permissions-level access and other strict software controls ensure that patient data is kept confidential, and that our well-trained staff only have access to the information required to do their work in supporting users of the service.


I am not very technically minded. What if I struggle to use the portal?

The GenderGP Portal has been designed with simplicity in mind. We hope that it is intuitive and that navigating the different sections is easy. However, we understand that everyone is different and that their levels of comfort when it comes to technology vary. As such our team is standing by ready to help. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have put additional resources on this so that we are ready to hold your hand and take you through anything that may be causing you to worry.


Where can I go for help?

Our team is standing by ready to help. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: help@gendergp.com, live chat on our website www.GenderGP.com or on social media @GenderGP.


Can I offer ideas for improvement and enhancement of the GenderGP Portal?

Yes! We absolutely welcome user input. While we have spent many years developing the requirements for the GenderGP Portal, and we are absolutely delighted with the results, this is our community’s platform. It is 100% GenderGP owned, so we can mould it to meet the needs of our users. If you have any thoughts or ideas please email: ggpportalideas@gendergp.com