Pride Makeup 101 with Jecca Blac

Pride season is almost upon us! How we celebrate as a community is going to look different this year, but it is still the perfect opportunity to get glammed up! We reached out to Jecca Blac for some top tips.

1. Start off with bright, glowing skin!

Pride is all about celebrating our community. For some extra radiance and glow, we recommend starting off your base with an illuminating primer like our Glow Drops Primer in Champagne.

While you’re applying your face base, you can apply the Glow Drops across your shoulders and collarbones to give your skin that shimmering, summer look!


2. Choose a long-lasting base

Whether you’re attending a full parade or taking part in an online Pride celebration, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether your base needs touching up (again!).

Our Correct & Conceal Palette is ideal for Pride. It can cover up beard shadow, dark circles, acne, redness and any other blemishes, to give you the staying power to last all day. While it is a concealer, if you use a damp makeup sponge to apply it, you’ll be able to get a medium coverage across the whole face.

You’ll also want to apply a powder over the top, to truly lock your base in.


3. Throw in a pop of COLOUR!

Would it really be a Pride look if it wasn’t bold and colourful? Whether you’re taking inspiration from a Pride flag or co-ordinating your makeup with your outfit, our Play Pots are the perfect solution. Play Pots are cream pigments which can be used anywhere on the face, from eyes to lips to cheeks, making them perfect for experimental looks.

We also have a whole Pride collection of lipsticks complete with iridescent rainbow packaging, so they’re super eye-catching if you apply them throughout the day (not that you’ll need to – they’ve got a super matte, long-lasting finish).


4. Finish off your look with some gems.

Pride is the perfect time to go all-out with your makeup, so why not apply a few stick-on gems? They are super easy to apply and make a real statement.

Finally, we want to remind you that you should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable at Pride. We’re all out to celebrate our community, but don’t forget to celebrate yourself and your own affirmation as well.


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Jecca Blac is a trans inclusive makeup brand that began by founder Jessica Blacker, offering makeup lessons to the trans community. Jecca Blac celebrates individuality and creates products that offer solutions, such as beard shadow coverage. Jessica is a guest writer on our blog monthly and provides makeup tips and tricks on her blogs.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash