GenderGP provides vital services to a sector of our society that has been largely ignored by most medical practitioners. GenderGP provides the best private vs public transgender healthcare, compared to public systems throughout the world. 

At a time when gender-affirming medical care is a neglected speciality, with transgender patients placed on overlong waitlists and having to travel hundreds of miles for an appointment, medical centres such as GenderGP are beacons of hope.  


Transgender Services at GenderGP Embody Hope

Hope is at the heart of the work done at GenderGP. The clinic and its staff deliver healthcare services that bring hope to thousands of transgender individuals and their families. 

Hope is essential to the human experience. Human beings are wired to dream of a better tomorrow, to envision a brighter future. Fueled by this hope, human beings can thrive, can flourish. They can overcome adversity and build happy lives. Devoid of hope, human beings shrink and wither. 


Exploring the Transgender Experience

The sober reality is that the transgender experience is not well understood in our society. This lack of understanding results in a lack of empathy, even in our supposedly progressive culture. For individuals burdened with gender dysphoria, the medications that allow them to build their lives, build their confidence, and allow them to feel like complete persons are vital medical care.

Prohibitively long waiting times and arbitrary roadblocks restricting healthcare for trans patients can cause tangible mental & emotional anguish. 

In this context, the thousands of patients who rely on GenderGP accurately see this clinic as an island of safety. Equipped With the medical expertise and human empathy to offer competent transgender healthcare, GenderGP fills an acute and earnest medical need.


Gender-Affirming Counselling and Healthcare

At GenderGP, transgender patients can receive medications as needed, as well as the psychological evaluation and counselling assistance they may need to ensure their emotional well-being.

The counsellors at GenderGP are empathic and gender-affirming in their approach to therapy, providing support and solace to patients facing trauma from within, due to gender dysphoria, and from without, due to bullying and lack of acceptance.

GenderGP also offers educational materials and resources through our website, which help transgender patients navigate their journey and also provide information to the public at large, including family, relatives, school personnel and any stakeholders seeking to better inform themselves about the transgender experience.


Delivering Life-Saving Care and Private Healthcare to the Public

As a transgender woman accessing NHS care, I am privileged to witness the compassion, solidarity and kindness we offer at GenderGP as we deliver life-saving healthcare to this very underserved population. I get to see the spark return to patients’ eyes, the smiles return to their faces. I get to see expressions of pure joy as they finally get to access medical solutions unavailable elsewhere. 

When we work with young people, quite often the parents are nearly frantic, especially in the UK where the medication transgender children so badly need is not even available at the state level. Quite often these children have started to deteriorate emotionally, to the degree that getting out of bed is a chore, and facing the socially overwhelming landmines of attending school may become untenable. These parents often feel they have nowhere to turn to, and upon discovering GenderGP they voice massive relief and gratitude. 

As I see these children and young people, once morose, withdrawn and devoid of hope, come alive and blossom into their full potential, my pride and commitment to this work grows ever stronger. I am eternally grateful to have the privilege to help these patients and to share these moments with them. 



As a fully qualified counsellor, with a post grad diploma in Gender Sexuality and Diverse Relationships, Marianne is our most experienced counsellor in the field of transgender care. She heads up our team of specialist gender counsellors at GenderGP. Marianne combines her own experiences as a trans woman with her affinity for others going through their own gender journey.