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Welcome, Professionals

If you you are a healthcare professional looking for information on how best to support your patient these pages are a great place to start:

Important Documents | Collaboration | Guidance

If you have a loved one who is trans, or you just want to know how to be a better ally, we have lots of useful resources which may be of interest. Our Your Stories page includes first hand accounts of others whose lives have been touched by gender variance, read more here.

Our blog and podcast are excellent resources for getting up to speed.

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Fighting For Care For My Trans Child

CW: self-harm. This episode contains a single description of self-harm scars from 42.05-42.25. On this episode of the GenderGP podcast, Marianne and Helen are joined by the mum of a trans child. She shares her story of the challenges they’ve faced, the journey they’ve...
Making life easier for trans kids

Making Life Easier For Trans Kids

On this episode of the GenderGP podcast Helen and Marianne are joined by author and sociologist Tey Meadow (she/her). They talk about Tey’s research into trans kids, discuss the challenges facing the families and professionals who support them, and share suggestions...
Inclusive Sex Education

Inclusive Sex Education

In this episode of the GenderGP Podcast Marianne and Helen are joined by Heather Corinna (they/them), a non-binary writer, sex educator, and activist. Heather shares their wisdom from over 25 years of working to improve education around gender and sexuality for young...
Why We Need to End Gatekeeping

Why We Need To End Gatekeeping

  Marianne and Helen are joined by Van Levy (they/them), a nonbinary advocate, educator, and mental health therapist from San Diego. Van talks to...
The Impact of Transphobia

The Impact of Transphobia

In this episode of the GenderGP podcast Marianne and Dr Helen sit down together ahead of this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHoBiT) on May 17th. Marianne shares how transphobia has affected her and her family, and Dr Helen...
Top Surgery, getting it right

Top surgery: getting it right

In this episode of the GenderGP podcast Fionn Collins (he/him), a trans man working for the student union at Technological University Dublin, talks to Marianne about having a second top surgery, following unsatisfactory results from the first. He shares his advice and...
All you need to know about top surgery

Top Surgery: what to ask, with Ioannis Ntanos

Surgeon, Ioannis Ntanos, returns for a second episode of the GenderGP podcast in which he tackles some of the key questions guys should be asking when considering top surgery. This episode of the podcast seeks to educate and empower the individual so that they can get...