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Welcome, Professionals

If you you are a healthcare professional looking for information on how best to support your patient these pages are a great place to start:

Important Documents | Collaboration | Guidance

If you have a loved one who is trans, or you just want to know how to be a better ally, we have lots of useful resources which may be of interest. Our Your Stories page includes first hand accounts of others whose lives have been touched by gender variance, read more here.

Our blog and podcast are excellent resources for getting up to speed.

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Dr Jack Turban

Exploring Detransition with Dr Jack Turban

  Dr Jack Turban, child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine, joins the GenderGP podcast for an episode exploring the notion of detransition. Together Jack, Helen and Marianne discuss the notion that a person's gender...
Ed Sweet gamer, trans ally

How gaming became a lifeline for trans youth

  Fundraising for trans healthcare has found a new home thanks to the likes of @Hbombrguy who raised a staggering $340,000 for Mermaids in 2019 and @theymerSophie whose livestream on Twitch late in 2020 raised a phenomenal £50,000 towards the GenderGP Fund - an...
Neville Southall

A footballing legend’s take on trans rights – Neville Southall

  Footballing legend, Neville Southall, joins Dr Helen and Marianne to talk about equality and why it is so important for those who have a platform to use it for good. Neville talks about the reasons why he regularly hands over his twitter account, with its...
Noah Halpin campaigning for trans rights

The Future of Transgender Healthcare – Noah Halpin

  Noah Halpin, founder and manager of the This Is Me Transgender Healthcare Campaign, joins Dr Helen and Marianne to discuss the current state of trans healthcare in Ireland. Together they discuss the importance of fighting for best practice, person-centred...
Jordan Ross Jakomin sitting at his desk

Voice therapy for trans people

  Dr Helen and Marianne are joined by speech-language pathologist Jordan Ross Jakomin. Jordan talks about his passion for helping trans people and the importance of developing a voice that is authentic to the individual rather than trying to recreate a voice that...
Counsellors Amy Walters and Marianne Oakes

Practising self-care when times get tough

  In this Wellbeing Special, GenderGP’s Psychological Therapies Lead, Marianne Oakes, is joined by Counsellor Amy Walters. The pair discuss some of their learnings and strategies for managing life when times get tough and the importance of being kind to...

Marlo Mack: Accepting Your Trans Kid

  Marlo Mack, the creator of the How to Be a Girl podcast, joins Dr Helen and Marianne to share her personal experiences of life with her transgender daughter. Marlo talks about her daughter coming out aged four, some of the people she has met along the way and...