Following recent articles in the news about supply of medication following the UK potentially leaving the EU on the 31st October, we wanted to give our patients information and reassurance regarding the steps GenderGP has taken to ensure a continued supply of HRT and blocking medication.

Back in January, our partner, Clear Chemist, provided some insight into the impact which Brexit might have on the continuity of supply of some medication. As predicted, the UK is beginning to see some shortages across the board.

The supply and availability of medication is not something we control at GenderGP. Medication is produced by manufacturers and distributed through the UK’s extensive network of pharmacies.

That being said, we have done some contingency planning to ensure that, should there be an issue with your regular prescription, our pharmacist has a clear understanding of what alternative medication can be prescribed in its place. As a result, you may notice a change in the name of your usual medication, or you may be prescribed pills, patches or gels, instead of your usual preparation. Rest assured that, when prescribing, we will bear in mind the cheapest and safest option at all times, for each individual.


We understand that the current uncertainty is worrying but we want to reassure those using our service that we will do whatever we can to maintain your supply, until normal levels are restored.


In the meantime, bear in mind that the team will be very busy answering questions so please only email us if your query is urgent

Clear Chemist works with the biggest wholesalers in the UK, as well as holding a number of accounts with smaller wholesalers. They are monitoring the situation closely and we will continue to keep you updated as soon as we have any news.

The GenderGP Team


Our pharmacies will ship your medication direct to your home


Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash