Dear Patient,

Since 2015 we have grown from one doctor, one PA and one patient, into a powerful and much-loved organisation helping trans people from all over the world. Our philosophy is to support everyone, whatever their age, background, gender and whatever the state of their mental health.

As we have grown, the number of exchanges we have with you has increased. We have 3,000 active patients and we receive over 30 new enquiries every day. Each one of those is a request for a prescription, a blood test, a query or a medication review. Many need a letter for their doctor, reassurance for their mum, a password change, a session with one of our counsellors, a change of bank details, a report for a new passport. Some need this level of support every month, others need it every three months. And of course, some need it yesterday.

What we discovered, is that with every request there would have to be several email exchanges to understand exactly what you needed and where you were on your journey. This process allowed us to fulfil your needs, safely and securely. As we grew, so did the number of emails we were receiving. In response, we took on extra support so we could deliver your care, in the way you wanted to receive it.

But, we were slipping behind. 48 hours between emails became 72 and then a week and then more. And we got so behind that we would miss your messages. This led to frustration and distress on your part so you sent more messages, chasing those that were already delayed and pushing your original enquiry back to the bottom of the queue.

Something had to change, so we took very necessary, affirmative action.

We have created a selection of pages on our website which tell you exactly what we need to know from you, all in one go. No more prolonged email exchanges, just clear guidance. You can tell us how you are doing, right alongside your blood results, whether you want a paper prescription, a Treatment Summary or to use Clear Chemist.

By completing your information in this way our team can ensure you get what you need quickly and seamlessly. It also ensures the utmost security, that your care is consistent and that all your important information is captured. We know exactly what you want and where you want it to go, all on one screen.

If you need something extra, some support or to change your medication, or an extra letter – you can ask for that directly. We don’t need to send you a link to book your session, you can book it via our website. We don’t need to confirm who we should send the letter to, because you will already have told us.

The new process has enabled us to clear our backlog completely, bringing our response times much closer to what you would expect. For example, once we have your prescription request information, we aim to turn that around in 48 hours. Of course, some cases will be more complex and will require more time, but our new system will eliminate any unnecessary delays and the service you receive will be better than ever.

Your account in Portal is still live and we are working hard to incorporate all of the new systems. For those who preferred to work outside of Portal, our new way of working allows you to provide your information directly from our website.

We know that change can be scary and we understand that there will be a period of adjustment and perhaps some frustration, but we also know that you were not happy with delays to your care and it felt like we were letting you down. We are still here. We are still the same team. We have the same values, compassion and care for our community – we can just act quicker and more efficiently.

We love having you as part of our GenderGP community, and we thank every one of you that has faced a delay, for bearing with us and for helping us shape the future of our organisation.

We are confident that the second half of 2020 will be much smoother than the first!

Love, GenderGP xxx


Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash