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GenderGP was founded by Dr Helen Webberley in 2015, to provide health and wellbeing services to transgender people and those who support them. At that time, GenderGP was owned by Online GP Services Ltd, a company registered in the UK and directed by Dr Helen Webberley.

In 2017, Dr Webberley was prevented from working as a doctor pending investigation by the GMC into her work with transgender people, she has not provided any medical services since that date.

In 2018, Online GP Services Ltd, together with its director, Dr Webberley, was convicted of operating a healthcare service without the required registration. Following this conviction, Online GP Services Ltd, GenderGP and all its assets were acquired by Harland International Ltd. Dr Helen Webberley continues in her role as a non-medical advisor on issues relating to the rights of trans people.

Harland International Ltd is registered in Hong Kong and is a global organisation which provides advocacy services for LGBTQI across the world. Harland International Ltd owns and manages GenderGP which continues to provide a remote, digital, telehealth service to transgender people from all over the world, as well as fighting for improvements in healthcare and support services for this group.

GenderGP provides healthcare services to people in the UK, Europe and worldwide, these include: gender-affirming support, medication and monitoring. GenderGP’s expertise comes from a multidisciplinary team of gender specialists including doctors, counsellors and psychotherapists from various countries including the UK, the EU, Egypt and the USA.

In order to make healthcare as affordable as possible, and to provide the widest range of options to its users, GenderGP works both as an independent service and collaboratively with the patient’s doctor. Patients can choose whether to have blood tests privately or through their doctor. Medication can also be prescribed by their family doctor, under a shared care agreement, or via a private prescription.

Prescriptions for service users can be dispensed by their local pharmacy or using an online pharmacy, all pharmacies recommended by GenderGP are operating entirely within the required regulations of their country.

In the case of the UK, NHS England issued advice on ‘Primary Care Responsibilities In Regard To Requests by Private On-Line Medical Service Providers to Prescribe Hormone Treatments for Transgender People’. This circular SSC 1826 dated 16 January 2018 can be found in full on our website.

All of GenderGP’s medical specialists are regulated in their own country, by their individual regulators. GenderGP operates entirely within the law and follows international published guidance on the care of transgender patients of all ages. There is no published UK medical guidance on this subject.

Any published inference that there is some kind of illegal, immoral or unethical activity being undertaken since the acquisition of GenderGP in 2018 by Harland International Ltd, will be regarded as defamatory.


Photo by Lena Balk on Unsplash