14th October 2022

We are aware of reports circulating of draft guidelines from the UK’s National Health Service that seem to imply threat to families who access private gender-affirming care.

The medical support of trans youth in the UK is constantly under attack and GenderGP stands firmly with the more progressive organisations across the world who completely understand that supporting youth with puberty blockers and hormones, where appropriate, is a necessary and life-saving intervention.

The latest WHO guidelines for the health of transgender people are clear: Gender-affirming care is a fundamental part of guaranteeing the health of gender-diverse people. GenderGP has provided essential care to thousands of people of all ages and will continue to do so.

Our global team of advisors, counsellors, psychotherapists, nurses and doctors all have the required skills, knowledge and regulation to carry out this care and are dedicated to improving the mental and physical health and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people.