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Further to the statement issued by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trusts’ Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) this afternoon (01.12.20), GenderGP would like to provide some clarity and reassurance to all service users.

We understand the utter devastation that this statement will have caused and find this blanket policy appalling. GIDS needs to acknowledge the harm it will cause by refusing treatment to this entire patient cohort, based on the ruling.

The judgement issued today does not state that it is against the law to prescribe or administer puberty blockers to anyone under the age of 16. It states that: ‘A child under 16 may only consent to the use of medication intended to suppress puberty where he or she is competent to understand the nature of the treatment.’

The judge felt unsure as to whether patients would be able to understand:

  • the ‘immediate and long-term consequences of the treatment,
  • the limited evidence available as to its efficacy or purpose,
  • the fact that the vast majority of patients proceed to the use of cross-sex hormones,
  • and its potential life changing consequences for a child.’

GenderGP will work individually with every patient to assess this understanding and prescribe where appropriate.

GIDS has no right to speak on behalf of private providers with whom it is not affiliated. GenderGP will continue to prescribe when it is medically indicated, and the patient has the capacity within their own rights to give consent, or where the patient has the necessary support around them, to make informed decisions based on the information we have available.

Rest assured that we will continue to fight for the rights of trans people, of all ages, to continue to access the care they so desperately need.


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Photo by Cory Woodward on Unsplash