Another survey has confirmed that the majority of transgender adults are happier after transitioning. These results come to the surprise of no one. Once again, research proves that gender affirming healthcare improves trans people’s lives.

Survey shows benefits of Transitioning

In March 2023, another survey found that the vast majority, 78%, of transgender adults are happier after transitioning. The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation conducted this research. They asked over 500 trans adults different questions relating to their childhood, family and other life experiences.

This is the largest non-governmental survey of US trans adults that relies on random sampling methods. Out of all the trans participants, 62% identified as gender non-conforming or non-binary. However, 33% identified as a trans man or a trans woman.

Over three quarters (78%) of respondents confirmed that living as their gender, which is different to the sex they were assigned at birth, has improved their life. It increased their satisfaction. Four out of 10 people even stated that gender affirming healthcare significantly improved their life, leading to ‘a lot more’ satisfaction.

TC Caldwell, one of the respondents of the survey, explained that ‘living doesn’t hurt anymore’. According to Caldwell, ‘it feels good to just breathe and be myself’. This is the bare minimum. Trans and gender diverse people simply want to live their lives as their authentic selves without being harmed or discriminated against for it.

Why is that too much to ask of some people? Trans people being trans and living their life does not harm you. However, laws that limit trans folk’s access to life-saving care, does harm the community. Many trans respondents revealed that one of the main reasons why they were not satisfied with their life was due to the anti-trans discrimination they experience on a daily basis.

More research indicates benefits of Gender Affirming Healthcare

The survey revealed that a third (32%) of participants came out as trans between the ages of 18 and 25. Sadly, the poll also found that almost half (46%) of trans adults reported not having a happy childhood. Around 25% also experienced violence due to their gender identity or sexual orientation.

This Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation survey adds to the existing research on gender affirming healthcare. It contributes to other similar results that explain the importance of transgender care.

In January 2023, a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine highlighted that gender affirming care improves trans adolescents’ mental health. In 2022 The Lancet’s study also found that the majority of teenagers using puberty blockers continued further hormone treatments as they got older. Another 2022 survey proved that top surgery helps decrease chest dysphoria and increase body image and well-being.

Countless studies and surveys confirm the positive effects adequate access to gender affirming healthcare has on the trans community. Therefore, it is crucial we listen to trans people when implementing laws that would impact their well-being. Access to trans healthcare is a human right and we will keep fighting to prove it!