We are beyond excited to announce that Susie Green, the former CEO of Mermaids, will be joining our GenderGP team!

We would like to welcome Susie Green to the GenderGP family. Her exceptional experience in public advocacy and community support will be a huge asset to GenderGP

Susie Green’s first project will be reigniting GenderGP’s fund. The purpose of this new fund is to make gender-affirming healthcare more accessible for young people who may otherwise struggle to afford care. The fund will help by providing support in covering counselling, medication, and subscription costs for families and individuals who cannot afford it.

We are aware of the financial barriers many trans people encounter when trying to access private healthcare. Therefore, we want to work towards better accessibility for all.

We are currently holding a Crowdfunder campaign to ensure that once the Fund kicks off we are able to help the maximum number of young people who need our support. To donate money to the new GenderGP fund, visit our Crowdfunder website.

More About Susie

Susie Green was part of the UK-based trans and gender diverse youth charity Mermaids for over 20 years, including several years in the role of CEO. She is also a co-author of the 8th edition of WPATH Standards of Care, shaping the conversation around trans healthcare.

She is a strong advocate for the trans, non-binary and gender diverse community. During her time at Mermaids the organisation has grown to be one of the leading LGBTQ+ charities in the UK.

In 2016, Green was awarded the Sparkle Diversity Champion of the Year. The following year, she was also awarded the Diversity Champion of the Year Award. In 2018, she won the award for her Contribution to LGBT+ Life by the British LGBTQ+ Awards.

In February 2020, while Susie Green was the CEO, Mermaids partnered with Starbucks for their #What’s Your Name Campaign. Part of the Channel 4 campaign was an advert depicting a transmasculine person trying out their chosen name at Starbucks. It is a beautifully short advert showcasing trans joy. The campaign was awarded the Channel 4’s Diversity In Advertising Award.

A Proud Mother of Her Trans Daughter

Susie Green is also a proud mother of her trans daughter. She went with her daughter through the experience of fighting for access to puberty blockers, ultimately having to go abroad as the UK had not yet approved blockers for people under the age of 16.

Susie has been advocating not only for her trans daughter, but trans children everywhere for over two decades. She has first-handed experience of the impact of the WPATH Standards of Care, making her a compelling contributor to the latest edition.

Susie Green’s in depth personal as well as professional experience led to her being the lead consultant on ITV’s drama Butterfly. The series told the story of a family navigating life with their trans daughter. Green herself has spoken out about how ‘life-saving’ puberty blockers were for her daughter.

Susie’s personal and professional experience will be a valuable addition to the range of lived experiences across the GenderGP team. Susie’s commitment to ensuring that all trans people are respected and loved unconditionally is aligned with our values. GenderGP aims to provide the best healthcare possible to the trans and gender diverse community around the globe, and Susie’s joining us will help us in our mission.


Note: The GenderGP Fund has been temporarily paused as we review additional methods to better serve the transgender and non-binary community.