At GenderGP, we wholeheartedly believe that transgender and gender diverse people, including young people, are deserving of respect and personal autonomy, including access to gender affirming healthcare as and when they need it. To be free from attempts to coerce them to change their gender identity, and to be free to self determination of who they are.

Our position is one of celebration and recognition of the joy of trans lives.

We have been deeply concerned regarding the actions of the government and the EHRC regarding the attempts to roll back or block trans rights across many platforms including healthcare, conversion therapy protection, self determination, education, and most recently, the attempt to add a definition of legal sex that will damage protections for transgender people irrevocably.

The narrative behind these actions is deeply concerning and fundamentally flawed. It is based on an attempt to generate a culture war, blatant fear mongering that has no basis in truth, and is essentially victimisation for the purpose of deferring attention from those who should be standing up for the most vulnerable in society, not attacking them.

Where are the senior leaders who are meant to stand for good? For equality? To prevent prejudice and discrimination? We call on you to stand for those who need you, and to protect rather than persecute trans people of all ages.

Because have no doubt, your actions, or inactions, are being seen.

Most right minded members of our society support transgender and gender diverse people. They have no issue with them being allowed to simply get on with their leaves, without fear. Just like everyone else. It’s that simple.

You need to decide if the legacy you want to be remembered for is one of hate.