Gender GP has learned of recent issues experienced by members seeking to obtain their medication from pharmacies in Sweden. We are very sorry for any disruption you are facing and are looking into this as a matter of utmost importance.

We have acted swiftly to make contact with the Swedish Medicine Agency Lä and are aware they have received questions from pharmacies about fulfilling GenderGP prescriptions. We have directly offered the Swedish Medicine Agency the opportunity to validate our processes and prescribers.


GenderGP Prescriptions

All our prescribers can legally prescribe, and your prescriptions should be dispensed to you.

There is no specific form or format for a prescription used in another EU country. The prescription you have received already contains the required information for your dispensing.

“The basis for an EU prescription


  • Patient details: surname and first name (both written in full), and date of birth
  • Date of issue of the prescription
  • Details of the prescribing doctor: surname and first name (written in full), professional qualification, direct contact details, work address (including the country), and signature (written or digital)
  • Details of the prescribed product: its common name (rather than the brand name, which may be different in another country), format (tablet, solution, etc.), quantity, strength and dosage.

More details can be found in Clause 53 of”


If you are experiencing issues

  • You can learn more about our prescription verification process on our website, which you may refer your pharmacy to.
  • The Swedish Medicine Agency’s website includes directions to pharmacies regarding EU prescriptions.
  • A letter for sharing with your pharmacy is available from our Knowledge Base.
  • If you are still having difficulty redeeming your prescription, please note that many of our members visit neighbouring countries to have their prescriptions filled.
  • Furthermore, patients on masculinising treatment may wish to consider switching to Sustanon or Nebido for collection and administration in a neighbouring country.


Our commitment

Please rest assured we are working on helping the pharmacies feel confident in dispensing to you. We understand this news may be unsettling, and the need for continuation of service.

Here at GenderGP we look forward to having a complete solution and will continue to work with the Swedish Medicine Agency to achieve this.


Further Reading

March 2024