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When it comes to trans healthcare misinformation runs rife, whether that is in relation to puberty blockers causing harm or the majority of trans youth changing their mind once they reach puberty. My job at GenderGP is to address such misinformation with facts, stats and education.

I’ve been doing this job for six years, since GenderGP began. I have lost count of the number of times we have had to respond to undercover investigations by the media, by hate groups or by keyboard warriors, intent on inflicting misery on the trans community.

As an organisation, we understand that hiding in the shadows is not the right approach, and we have always been open, honest and transparent. If you are familiar with our service you will know that our website is where we address such matters head on.

We want trans and non-binary people of all ages to know they have somewhere to come for legitimate medication, guidance and therapy, as and when they need it. We do not shy away from what we deliver as a service. On the contrary, we are incredibly proud to have developed a model of care that truly makes a difference, worldwide.

Often we are the subject of attack from groups and individuals, and most of these we ignore (we’re too busy changing the world!). Instead we focus on those messages that matter, messages asking for our advice and support and (our favourite!) the incredible messages of thanks that we receive daily from those who we have helped.


But occasionally the information put out about us is so blatantly ridiculous that we feel compelled to expose it.


Last night an individual who is particularly distressed by our work supporting trans people, posted some communication between Dr Helen and the GMC. He referred to the emails having been accessed via our ‘Totally open security free servers’. For the record this is absolute uneducated nonsense.

As all large organisations do, GenderGP takes security very seriously and to suggest otherwise is defamatory.

The information shared by the individual was taken from our website, rather than having been accessed, as is suggested, via some ‘leaked’ source. The information is intentionally open. The whole point of the exercise is to show the conversation that took place between Dr Webberley and the GMC in response to their instruction to shutter the business back in 2018. It’s all here, should you be interested.

It is abundantly clear in the interactions that Helen is desperately concerned for what it would mean for the community, if the business were to be placed ‘on pause’ while the investigation took place – given that in the end the process took until 2021, you can see she was justified in her concerns.

The communications we published demonstrate an attempt to get an audience with the GMC in order to explain the very simple truth that leaving trans people without care would have very serious repercussions.

This is all that matters. Not those occupying their days trying to block access to care.

So I will get back to my very important job. Have a great day, and don’t forget if you need help or you have ANY questions, you know where we are.

Aby x



Aby was previously our Chief Communications Officer at GenderGP. She guided our education and advocacy programme and ensured that excellence in healthcare is at the heart of everything we do. She has an unwavering belief in what our organisation stands for – making life easier for trans people and those who support them – and she devoted her time to ensuring that the information we put out facilitates safety and equality in healthcare.