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Information Gathering Session

An Information Gathering Session (IGS) is a vital component of our commitment to providing access to positive recommendations for gender-affirming care.

45 mins – £65

Capacity to Consent Session

Capacity to Consent Sessions are carried out by qualifed professionasl to asses a person’s capacity to give informed consent to medical intervention.

45 mins – £65

Injection Sessions

Need help administering injections? Click here!

30/40 mins – £40/£60

Follow up Session

A session with an experienced gender specialist to discuss your progress so far and to help you make any decisions or adjustments to your care plan.

20 mins – £30


Engage in detailed sessions with counsellors skilled in discrimination and identity issues.

45 mins – £80

Surgery Referral

If you are preparing for surgery and in need of a referral letter, our experienced team is ready to support and guide you through every step of this crucial process.

45 mins – £150

Formal Diagnosis Session

If you need a ‘Formal Diagnosis’ of Gender Incongruence for any reason, consider scheduling a session to acquire this diagnosis. Note this can’t be used for receiving a Gender Marker Letter.

45 mins – £150

Fertility Referral Session

This session is to provide a referral letter for storing your gametes (eggs or sperm) and helping you make informed decisions on preserving reproductive options.

20 mins – £75

Quick Chat

Need a quick answer to something, our advisers are waiting to chat.

15 mins – £7.99

Gender-Affirming Voice Coaching Session

Receive a personalized voice assessment and tailored exercises from a speech pathologist specialized in working with the trans and queer community. Plus, a workbook for at-home practice to support you in achieving your voice goals. 

50 mins – £145