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Here at GenderGP, you are at the heart of all that we do. We invite you to meet the team to find out more about how we can help you on your journey and discover our services available. From Counselling to Complementary Services our sessions are tailored to you and those who are supporting you, to ensure that your pathway is walked with full confidence. Our Clinical Team are also on hand to advise on medical concerns, queries, and treatments with appointments available with Gender Specialist Doctors and Nurses daily. Dedicated sessions cover Life Admin, ensuring you are able to obtain a formal diagnosis and the reports you require.
Becoming a GenderGP Member is the beginning of the rest of your life…

Meet the Team

Book some time to speak to one of the team about your current care, how we can help you or something that’s bothering you.

Ask Us Anything 30 mins

As it ‘says on the tin’ a space to ask questions, and understand GenderGP before embarking on your journey with complete confidence.
30 mins ~ £40

Ask Us Anything 50 mins

Considering GenderGp? Unsure on what’s right for you? Ask Us Anything sessions are the perfect way to understand GenderGP.
50 mins ~ £60

Support Session 30 mins

A problem shared is a problem halved, share something that’s troubling you or discuss your worries with a Gender Specialist Counsellor.
30 mins ~ £40

Support Session 50 mins

Our Gender Specialist Counsellors are ready to be a listening ear and support you with any worries or challenges you may be facing.
50 mins ~ £60


Formal counselling with a trained counsellor to talk through your thoughts and feelings.

Counselling for Adults

A formal session with a Counsellor who will aid you in working through challenges, and talking over your thoughts and feelings.

Counselling for Young People

Our Gender Specialist Counsellors can aid you, or anyone who supports you, in understanding feelings and emotions on your journey.

Parent & Family Counselling

Support your trans-gender loved ones on their journey and beyond, ask questions, discuss concerns and explore thoughts and feelings.
50 mins ~ £100

Couples Counselling

Explore gender and your relationship, navigating thoughts and feelings with the support and guidance of a specialist Counsellor.
50 mins ~ £100

Life Admin

Other professional services to help with your transition.

Formal Diagnosis

If you need a formal diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria or Gender Incongruence then we can provide this, through this dedicated session.
60 mins – £150

Gender Marker Change

A session for current GenderGP patients to receive assistance with admin and reports to support passport gender marker change.
30 mins ~ £100

Surgical Referral Assessment

A session with a Gender Specialist Advanced Counsellor or Psychologist providing an assessment for surgical referral.
40 mins ~ £150

Medical Consultation

A dedicated video appointment enabling you to consult with a a Doctor regarding your health, your journey or your medication.
50 mins ~ £180

Clinical Consultations

Talk to a nurse or a doctor and discuss your health and gender transition.

Doctor Consultation

Discuss a medical query, medication, or your journey with a Doctor in a dedicated video appointment, at your convenience.
60 mins ~£180

Nurse Consultation

A personalised discussion with a nurse, empowering you as a patient to confidently navigate your care options and take the next steps on your journey.
60 mins ~ £100

Injection Training

A training session to provide guidance, instruction, and support in safely administering Sustanon and other treatments via injection.
45 mins ~ £60

Express Consultation

A short video appointment, enabling you to speak with a Doctor regarding a medical query, your health, medication or journey.
20 mins ~ £110

Complementary Sessions

Helpful services to support you in living your life more easily.

Life Coaching

A tailored program to suit your needs, offering support with overcoming obstacles, regaining confidence, and navigating your journey.
60 mins ~£60


Combining guided relaxation and intense concentration Hypnotherapy aids healthful changes in perceptions, emotions and behaviours.
90 mins ~ £120

Voice Coaching

Work closely with Jordan Jakomin, speech-language pathologist to find your authentic voice and communicate with confidence.
50 mins ~ £120

Make-Up Advice

Enjoy a one-to-one session with make-up expert Jecca Blac, guiding you through application techniques to create your perfect look.
30 mins ~ £40

GenderGP Member Sessions

These sessions form part of our medical service for people taking gender-affirming hormones as part of their transition.

Follow-up Session

A six-monthly checkpoint to ask questions and review your journey allowing you to continue on your pathway with confidence.
30 mins ~£30

Information Gathering Session - Adults

A mandatory part of our Appraisal Pathway, enabling us to get to know you, shape your journey, and understand how we can best help you.
50 mins ~ £65

Information Gathering Session - Young People

A mandatory part of our Appraisal Pathway, enabling us to get to know you, shape your journey and understand how we can best help you.
50 mins ~ £65

Support Session

A problem shared is a problem halved, share your troubles, or discuss your worries in an ad-hoc session with a Gender Specialist Counsellor.
50 mins ~ £60