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Below are just some of the reviews we have received from our amazing clients.

I cannot thank Dr Webberley and the GenderGP team enough for literally being my lifeline and helping me to finally address 40 years of Gender Dysphoria head on. Despite my initial anxieties , Jayne, Claire and Marianne were all very comforting and understanding to talk to and the questions and processes involved to get me started on my hormones seemed fair and professional. Words simply can’t describe how I feel now I’m finally on my hormones – its like a tremendous weight has been lifted. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me to finally try to be at one with my inner self.

Dani Wilson

It was July 2015 when i first contacted GenderGP, my HTR treatment soon started. With regular blood tests being carried out through my own GP, Dr Webberley monitored the results. With her help i was able to start my transition. For the past three years Dr Webberley has been able to support my medical needs while waiting for the GIC. I’m now at last seeing the Doctor at my local GIC, I highly recommend GenderGP to transgender person.

Andrea Wyatt

I am so thankful for the GenderGP team. I have been struggling with a few things and booked a counselling session to talk it through with Marianne. Her friendly and insightful manner really helped me figure things out. You’re awesome Marianne!

Faith Lilley

I have a lot to say about the team at GenderGP, but I’ll keep it short. They offered me an opportunity to receive the treatment I needed. They met me with understanding and patience, knowing full well how impatient and desperate I’d gotten over the years. I’m not sure I’d have been alive this day if it wasn’t for them, because I literally had nowhere else to go to seek treatment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope you will be able to continue what you do with much support, so that others like me will always be able to have a safe place to get treatment.

Young Transmale

Had the most wonderful chat with Diana, put me at ease strait away, felt comfortable talking with this wonderful understanding lady.

Steph Classics

The waiting times in Sweden to recieve gender affirming healthcare is almost half a decade. GGP helped me get through that time!


I am really pleased I chose to go with GenderGP. Dr Webberley and the whole team have been amazing. Any query I had was answered very promptly. I even had my passport letter from Dr Webberley. They run an outstanding clinic and my counselling Session with Dr Tilly was amazing it was like talking to a friend. It only took me about 2-3 months to get on hormones that is amazing! I would recommend GenderGP to everyone.

Jade Williams

I’ve just recently had my IGS with Amy and she was so kind and caring. I’m so glad I’ve made this decision to go with GenderGP

Oliver Kenny

I can’t express enough how much weight has been lifted from my shoulders after I had my IGS with Jayne Olden. After spending years waiting for things to get moving via NHS with no progress I took the plunge and decided to try GenderGP and have made progress in a week than in three years via NHS.

Cassie Snow

Thank you Dr Webberley for your understanding and kind words, always just a call away and ready to help and advise I have been very lucky to have found you and your service,many hugs Marsha xx


I have say a big thank you to Gender GP. You have helped me tremendously in taking my first and rather large steps. Your service is a life saver.

Julie F

I had my information gathering session yesterday and I’m going to be receiving my prescriptions very soon! Im transitioning from male to female and I’m so thankful for Gender GP, you literally have saved my life! Xx

Oli Glynne-Jones

Well my ftm had his first Skype with Dr Tilly and we as parents and our son were so pleased , satisfied and happy with the way it all went. We were very well informed and put at ease. One happy son, two happy parents.

Tina Endall

Gender GP has saved my life. I’m a transgender teen who used to have no hope in life until I found Gender GP. All the staff who work there are so nice and my counsellor, Dr Oakes, supported me so much going through school and coming out. Dr Webberley managed to provide me with everything I needed and I couldn’t thank him enough. I recommend this service to any transgender person. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for the trans community.

Ethan Ilic

Thank you so much, you have provided great help during my transition! I highly recommend your service to the people in search for a quality health care.

Once again, thank you.


I’m impressed with how fast things are going so far. I get replies very quickly. Things are going really well so far!

Alex Filipczak

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